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   With today being a fantastic spring day, Xiphos, James and I started on some major spring cleanup operations.  In the late fall we moved slabs of silver maple that was felled earlier in the year into the garage for the winter.  It was too cold to setup an area in the yard for long term drying as this fall was cooler than normal and very wet, and we knew they would have to move come spring.  Well, spring is here and the moving project has begun.  We made a lot of progress.  An area of the yard has been cleared and leveled, and the wood stack has been partly moved.  I had to remove all wood form the cinder blocks it had been sitting so those blocks could move to the yard.  That meant the garage needed to be reorganized after a winter of accumulating junk.  The three of us were able to move the half slabs by ourselves to the backyard.  The larger slabs we just moved a few feet over from the current pile using levels, rollers and as little physical effort as we could. 
   After the blocks were free it was time to level a section of yard.  I got out my transit and showed Xiphos how to use it.  James and I adjusted some paving stones until we had a level setup.  Unfortunately, the pavers we had won't fit the cinder blocks.  They are not expensive and we'll just have to pick some up, but the ground is at least leveled.
   During our work I had a fire going and we burned up a bunch of cardboard and scrap wood that was laying around.  The fire pit has a blower recycled from a dryer that we use to force feed the flames and it consumed wood very quickly.  Afterward we had a very empty fire pit ready for a good gathering of people.
   Productive day, although I will probably be a little sore tomorrow.
   Third day of riding for the week, and I'm really feeling it.  Not as bad as a couple weeks ago when I rode three days, but enough.  I noticed my helmet really dug into my head on my long ride early this week.  I have replaced the padding before and decided now was a good time to go it again.  The front strip had a hard spot in front made of a rock of salt.  Clearly I sweat a lot.  The new padding feels so much better.
   Second day of riding for the week.  This morning as I crossed Stoughton Road my headlight fell off.  This has shaken loss several times in the past so I just figured I could screw it back on.  However, it stripped the threads off the housing near the front.  I found a longer screw and used some thread glue on it.  Hopefully this will stay put.  If not, I may have to drill out and re-tap the housing using a larger diameter screw.
   My first ride from work through Waunakee today.  Temperatures were over 70°F/21°C and winds were from the east which provided a good assist.  Also my first time through the west side of Pheasant Branch Conservancy since the flooding.  The place is a mess.  Pictured is an area of landslide just behind Parisi Park.  The bridge here is out but the water can be crossed by riding through it and stepping stones for pedestrians.