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   Bike ride with Pokie and Mira today.  Pokie tried out a new bike mount that allows her to pull Mira's bike so we can do some longer rides.  It took awhile to get it attached correctly but we were successful.  Mira was a little afraid of the setup at first, but by the end of the ride was asking to go faster.  The last part of our ride was uphill and I switched bikes with Pokie to tackle the hill.  I have ordered the attachment that should allow the tow bar to be attached to my bike so next time I can pull Mira.  That should allow us to go on a longer ride as I ride a lot more than Pokie does and am used to heavy loads.
   This morning was not a good morning for computer hardware.  I was about to start my workday when my main computer started making a buzzing noise consistent with a failing fan.  It turned out to be a fan on one of the video cards.  I didn't have time to fight with it so decided to see if a quick blast of air would get it back to functioning order.  Not only didn't that work, but the fan on the other card also began making noise.  After fighting with the fans for a bit, I decided to remove the troubled fan and temporally replace it with a case fan.  First I needed to find a functional one.  I have a large collection of computer hardware, but the first two fans I found didn't work.  The next fan I proceeded to immediately break by allowing a fan blade to strike the heatsink.  That resulted in a fan blade breaking off.  The last fan I found was functional and with a rubber band and a Star Wars lightsaber cupcake decoration I convinced the fan to stay in place cooling the computer.  A more permanent solution will be needed, but this should work for now.