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No articles for week of October 30, 2020

Falling back to closest date.

   Spent the day with Pokie, Mary, Noah, Mira, and Maya at a farm.  They had a large corn maze.  We were given a map that had 1/8 of the maze with the location of the next piece of the map marked out.  Each piece would lead you to another piece.  In addition, there were 10 secret locations.  On our first run through with the kids we got all eight pieces of the map, but only 6 of the secrets.  So a couple of us went back to blanket the maze to find the rest.  We end up with 9 of the secret locations.
   After the farm we went back to Elmwood Park and carved and decorated pumpkins.
   This is the last remaining bench on the north wall of the basement.  I have it cleaned off and will have to remove it.  However, there is some wiring for under bench lighting that has to be addressed first before I can move it.  For now it is clean and waiting.  Once it is gone, I can remove the canvas behind it and insulate the north wall.
   Today I removed two old florescent light fixtures from the basement ceiling.  I only ever used them for cleaning, and they contained the last permanent florescent lights in the house, although a couple bulbs had been replaced with LEDs.  I was surprised at how heavy they were, but they are down now.  Replacing them are two 4000 lumen LED fixtures.  They are both significantly smaller and brighter.
   One item I've meant to update for a long time is the lighting for my room.  I use a bunch of clamp work lights outfitted with LED bulbs.  This is functional, but all the extension cords isn't up to code.  For a more permanent solution I am installing track lighting.  This will allow the same light layout as I had before, but not have all the extension cords.
   The problem I ran into was my home improvement store was out of black lighting fixtures, and had been for some time.  I decided the way around this was to pick up white fixtures and paint them black.
   Today I used a fish to feed some 10 gauge wire from the main house electrical panel to a sub panel I am installing for my area of the basement.  The ceiling in the basement bedroom made this difficult, but with some persistance I was able to get the wire run.
   Pictured is my smoothed wall now that the dust has settled.
   The walls in the basement are poured concrete.  There are seams where the concrete sticks out, and the north wall of my room has some really bad spots.  I looked into it and found I can get a diamond concrete grinding bit for our angle grinder.  So today I picked one up along with a face shield.  The grinder made quick work of the bumps.  Unfortunately, I didn't consider the dust it would create and covered everything in the basement with a fine white powder.  That cleanup is going to take awhile, but the wall is much smoother now.
   This is our very unhappy tree.  A couple weeks ago I was looking out the kitchen window and noticed a tree wasn't looking good.  When I went outside to look closer, I saw one tree resting on the one next to it.  At first I thought the tree belonged to by neighbour and I talked to him about it.  He got a quote from a tree company to have it removed and as he told me about that showed me the property line marker.  Turns out the tree is on my property.  The fence that separates our two properties isn't directly on the line.  It is about 2 feet form the line.  So the split tree is mine.  I said I would take care of this.
   Today the tree people who have taken down two other trees at our place came and took down this one.  They made short work of it.  This is good because the winds this fall have been pretty strong and I'm was pretty sure the crack in the tree was growing.  Now it is safely on the ground and won't be threatening anything.