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   Temperatures this week are above normal and I have decided to take advantage of the nice riding weather while I still have it.  This evening I did my 27 miles Work-Waunakee-Home loop.  Along Pheasant Branch Road I encountered a flock of Sandhill Cranes in an empty field.  I have never seen so many together at once before.  My guess is they have begun their migration south.  They kept a watchful eye on me at first, but eventually went back to foraging.

October 05, 2019

Emerald Dragon's Record Runtime Continues

Emerald Dragon Runtime
   The Emerald Dragon continues to have a flawless runtime record now over 800 days—that's two years and 80 days.  Zen informed me the battery pack is bulging.  This means the battery is physically decaying and needs to be replaced.  I have ordered a replacement.  This is the only physical maintenance it has required since it went online.
   Camping with Mary, her daughter Kate and several friends.  After sunset and dinner I did some night photography around the camp site.  I did get a few star shots, but clouds kept moving in and obstructing the sky.  Nonetheless I was able to get a few decent pictures.
   Pokie and I worked on replacing some rotten trim on the exterior of her new house.  The "quality" wood we were using was actually quite poor so we had to use a wood filler to patch some knots and planning marks.  It started raining before we could finish.  This should not have been an issue since we had a roof over our work area, but the wind off the lake make it a problem and we had to stop before sanding.