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    Liz took this one.  I was on the phone when Noah, with a face paint and a mini-skirt decided he wanted a picture with me.  No one ever said this place was normal.

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From Liz


April 25, 2008 at 7:35 PM

ick, horrid crop sorry about the electric pole in the background. I had to beg Noah for a photo, you were on the phone and he was getting snappy. Would've been such a better photo if I had taken in the surroundings.


    Today Ollie and I went on a 12 mile bike ride--my first real ride of the season.  We did a quick circuit around Bill Hills park and took enough trails to turn a 15 mile ride into 12.  Still recovering from a cold, I was pretty worn out by the end of the ride, but it sure felt good to be back on my bike again.
    The process of doing backups has been rather involved.  First, I wanted to try out using full-disk encryption.  Since these are backups and I plan on storing them off-site, encryption seems like a pretty good idea.  Unfortunately, True Crypt didn't want to work for us and I had to use an other system.  The setup process took more then 18 hours, but the drive was then fully encrypted.  I did backups using rsync, which took an other 20+ hours.  But in time, all the data on was backed up.


   On Saturday, I completed reading the Bible.  The complete reading (via audio) took 22 hours and 47 minutes, which I spanned over almost a full year.  I finished the Old Testament in December after a long delay starting in September for school.  I had planned on finishing the New Testament before the new year but didn't end up doing it.  Finally I finished off the last couple books Saturday evening.  I was expecting more from Revelations, but like with most of the Bible, I was disappointed--a good deal of sevens and twelves, but not much else.
   I have now done something many (dare I say "most") self-proclaimed Christians have not--I've read the entire divinely inspired scriptures that detail their beliefs.  The Bible is the only book excepted in many branches of Christianity as the actual word of God.  Having read it in it's entirety, maintaining all verses in context, I am as convinced as I was when I started that the book is nothing more then mythology.  I think if more people actually took time to read the whole book, they would also reach the same conclusion.  For the most part, I think when people speak of the difficulty of reading the Bible, they are referring to the work it takes to overlook contradictions, xenophobia and violent tendencies found throughout--the difficulty comes in believing this antiquated rhetoric.
   Now that I'm finished with the Bible, I can move onto (hopefully) some more interesting and useful reading.

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From Ericasaurus Rex


May 24, 2008 at 3:27 PM

Wowee, that's tough.
    Pictured are the banks of the Rock River overflowing onto River Road on the south side of Janesville.  The river has been quite high this spring and has flooded River Road more then once.
    Went to the U-Rock theater to assist Liz in set construction.  This project called for a set that could quickly move on and off stage, which presented a few challenges.  There was a staircase behind a wall, and the wall had to have a door.  At first I considered having a wall on hinges that could fold up and be carried, but the door presented a problem.  Then I thought about flying the wall, with a door frame trimmed in.  The door itself sits behind the wall on it's down and can be carried separately.  With the trim on the wall, one can not tell the door isn't attached to the wall.  The wall itself flies above the stage and is hidden when not in use.