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April 30, 2003

Linux port delayed

    The port to Linux has been delayed due, primarily, to the problems with host name lookups in Apache.  We'll work on it and continue the port once this issue is resolved.

April 29, 2003

Serious data error

    Early morning, 4-29, "DataDump", the 100 gig RAID-1 array, suffered a major error.  The drives had fallen out of sync, and the master drive refused to be recognized.  In an attempt to recover the drive, the slave was restored, but that ended up corrupting over 90 gigs of data.  This error has taken down a significant portion of although most of this data was not visible to the public.  This suffer error was likely due to bad power connectors to the hard drives, which caused the drives to turn off from time to time and thereby keeping the two drives out of sync.  Restoration of some of the drive's data has begun using various backup sources.  Much of the data will be lost forever.

April 28, 2003

Up for a bit.

    We allowed the Linux driven White Dragon to serve briefly.  Over the past few days, we've manager to get Apache 2 mostly working.  CGI scripts took awhile-- a long while.  The straw the broke the camels back was not the most comment mistake of forgetting to change the attributes of the file to "+e" for execute, but rather having DOS style end-of-lines rather than Unix end-of-lines.  But, after we corrected that, life worked a lot better.  Some of the core CGI scripts seem to function fine.
    SSI work right from the get go.  Nice when you just have to turn things on.  SSL, the same thing.  Proxys were giving me a problem until I discovered I not only needed to include the proxy module, but also the HTTP proxy module.  Better now.  Redirects seem to work and virtual hosts all seem to function.
    The last issue-- hostname look ups don't seem to be working.  Trivial you'd think, but enough to keep us from moving forward.  Host name lookups resolve the IP address to the domain name of that address.  It's really nice for watching the log file-- you can see who's been asking for what.  It's an easy way to see user sessions, robots, and where requests are coming from.  It should be easy to turn on-- and should be working.  But, it doesn't.  It's my guess we're forgetting to compile in some module.  So far, no luck in locating it.

April 26, 2003

Azure-Dragon takes over, the White-Dragon goes Linux

    The Azure takes over everything and SuSE starts the configuration process.  With the Azure handling life, the White-Dragon is free to for it's Linux transform.
    We started by removing the 60 GB drive, which required a fresh install of SuSE because we could no longer boot.  But, a fresh copy seemed the way to go anyway-- too much crap already installed.  I'd rather download and build everything we need.
    Apache didn't seem to build with the items we wanted.  Apparently, setting up mod_ssl on Apache doesn't happen with the default configuration.  Rather than reading more, we decided to try Apache 2 instead.
    With Apache 2 downloaded and compiled, and it looks like with all the modules we need.  We still don't have CGI scripts working, but SSL, SSI and proxys seem to be functional.

April 25, 2003

Azure-Dragon gets work to do

    The Azure-Dragon takes it first work load, handeling the e-mail server, members and Port 8080 webserver; and time server.

April 23, 2003

Welcome the Azure-Dragon

    Our temporary non-Linux server, the Azure-Dragon, is alive.  The Azure-Dragon (aka. Kaoru) come to use from our good friend Tyson "Pluvius" Mohr (  It is on lone until the White-Dragon is configured to take over everything with SuSE Linux.  It won't be long now! :)
    We've been playing with Perl scripts a bit more.  I made a "WhoAmI" script that displays the requesters IP address.  It assisted LowLyfe in getting his site visible to the internet.

April 20, 2003 is ours!

    Our good buddy StaAck ( has transferred over to us.  This domain will host some crass and down right violently offence sites, including the Garage site and the soon-to-be Park Place site.

April 19, 2003

Proxy server working

    Setup a proxy server (to give it a try).  We now proxy a webserver on the Black Dragon, running a web server called BRS WebWeaver.  The server host Port 8080, an experimental site I'm not sure what I'm going to do with yet.  We also setup a proxy to a Savant server running on the Black Dragon to host the members site,  This was done mainly because we just don't want to get rid of a server software that was so good :)
    After getting the proxy server setup working, I showed Zen (roommate and all around good guy) who put in a proxy mirror to at  This is actually for an other friend of ours who also uses TDS Metrocom DSL.  Due to something on TDS'es end, he can not visit my site. The proxy will enable him to do so.

April 14, 2003

CGI Scripts are working

    We played around with CGI scripts and have our e-mail script working again.  Think I'm getting the hang of playing around with perl script.  Modified the heck out of the script until I got it doing just want I wanted.  Good stuff.

March 28, 2003

Goodbye Savant!

    Savant is retired after nearly 3 years of operation.  It was a good webserver, but it's time to move on. Apache running Mod_SSL takes on our site and soon we can start to add new capibilities to the server.
    The server is still not running on Linux, but it's getting closer.  After finding a working hard drive to setup a tempoary server, we found the Silver Dragon refused to run the non-linux OS-- crashed every time.  But we understand, the Silver Dragon has always been a DOS computer and doesn't want to be anything else.  We'll give it that :)