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   This is an image from my new house.  It is the stained glass around the front door, light from outside with no inside light.  I've been working for awhile to get a good stained glass materiel and I think I have it.  The bump map ripple pretty much renders the glass opaque as you can not see any details outside the window.  This is by design.  My first attempt to do something like this was with my Tiffany lamp, but I think I now have what I want.
   Windows are a large amount of work, and I think I am going to have to make a better template for creating them.I need something I can scale for whatever window opening I want.  In this house I avoided making a turret (round room) because of how painful it is to put windows in such a thing.  Initially I had all my windows covered in shutters (a very Victorian thing to do in the winter—helped keep in the heat), but I might have to try my hand at making curtains.  Anything with natural flowing lines is a lot more difficult to model.  I've tried and given up 4 times trying to make a couch.  However, I learn a little each time.
   So my large rendering project has finished, measuring in at over 211 hours of rendering time.  I have not yet posted it due to it needing a sound track, which I hope to record this weekend.
   In the meantime I have been working on a new house design.  This one should work a little better for the walk through as one can actually make a full circuit around the first floor.  It will also contain a library.
Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby

   My application to UW-Madison has been sent off, and I've been trying to get all of my transcripts sent.  I have gone to 4 different collages in 3 states over in my student career over the course of 14 years which makes getting transcripts a pain.