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February 19, 2011

New Washer

   This is my new washer, and it's find makes me very happy.  The Garage washer died about a month ago.  I'm guessing either the drive motor went out, or the gearbox.  In either case, it quite.  I can't feel bad about this—the washer was from the mid 90ies, and has survived the heavy Garage usage for 5 years. 
   When ever I need an appliance, I watch Craig's List.  I was looking for any washer in the right price range, but really wanted a front-loading machine.  When I saw this one posted at 7:00 pm the previous day, and I called at 7:00 am.  It had already been claimed, but the guy took my number in case the other person didn't show up.  Latter that day, he called back to say the other person didn't show up.  I was there the next day with my roomie and her truck.  The guy who sold it to me seemed a little surprised I wasn't too interested in the details.  I didn't want to look it over for dents or marks—I don't think he had a clue where this washer was about to end up—the Garage cares not about esthetics.  My only question was "it works, right?" to which his response was yes—their dryer died and they replaced both appliances.
   Why did I want a front-loading washer?  Water use.  We do a lot of wash at the Garage, and that uses a lot of water.  Since we have a well, we pump our water.  And one downfall of our well is low water pressure.  So if someone is taking a shower, they are not going to have a good time when someone else starts filling the washing machine.
   While I knew front loading washer uses less water, I didn't realize just how quiet they are.  It was really impressive.  So for the past few days, we've been washing everything.

February 18, 2011

Copper bottom stainless steel

   Copper bottom stainless steel makes me happy.  I ordered these a few days ago because a few months ago the handles fell off our cooking pans.  We had two pots.  The handle fell off one, and then not a week latter, the handle broke off the other!  Anyway, we can't get away with polytetrafluoroethylene (a.k.a Teflon) pots because I can't get anyone to stop using forks in them.  This results in scratched pots, ruining the polytetrafluoroethylene coating.  So I decided to go stainless steel.  This should avoid the coating problem, and work better when the kids decide to clean the cookware with a wire brush on a drill.