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   Xiphos gave me an idea Friday.  My sleeping box has handles for opening and closing the doors, which limits the space of the opening due to the overlap.  There are finger hole handles there are flush to the surface used for sliding doors, and after some thought I knew this would be a much better option.  So I will incorporate this into my design.
   Pictured is Eve yesterday carrying the one piece of 1/4"x4'x8' sheet of wood I forgot about.
   Finished most of the painting today.  All boards have at least primer, most a first coat, and many a second.  A lot of painting, but it's coming along.  Pictured is my makeshift drying rack for the 4x8 sheet of wood.
   Spent the morning at UW-Madison getting signed up for classes.  After that, I went to get wood and paint for my building project in Xiphos's basement.  It shall be named "The Kobold's Cave" as a dedication to the blind kobold.  Getting the wood into the house and into the basement involved removing the backdoor from the hings.  It open and covers the basement door, so there was no other way.  After I had the wood downstairs, it was time to paint.  I gave everything a coat of primer and then the first coat of paint.  Seems obvious I am going to more of both.
   Long day today.  An other 10 hour work day so that I could get in all my hours and take Friday off for school.  Then I came home and fought with my laptop trying to get any kind of synchronization program to work.  My laptop stopped talking to the Blue Dragon, and I am thinking it has something to do with my new router (but I'm not sure).  Rsync refused to see changes and just wanted to copy everything.  At long last I got Unison setup and working, so I hope that takes care of that issue. 
   Pictured are the LED lights in my Cedar Rapids sleeping box.