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   Helped Erika with her senior pictures this afternoon, and spent most of the remainder of the day proofing them.  My problem with shooting people is I'm never interested in the "normal" shots.  I like to end up with the pictures like the one to the left.  Well, most of my shots were not like this.

September 11, 2010

Happy re-birthday Garage

   It's the Garage's 6th re-birthday.  Today in 2004 the Garage officially came back from the dead to once again become a Crowd gathering place and township annoyance.
   Pictured is a my device for speeding up rise times with sourdough bread—a mug warmer.  I started some sourdough sponge a few days ago, and using this warmer it grew quickly.  Tried to make a loaf of bread with it tonight, but it failed to transfer from the pan to the cooking stone well.  Thus it came out rather flat.  I'll try again.