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   A 6 mile bike ride today, just to go get some breakfast (at noon) at my favorite little Italian restaurant, \"Di Sicilian\".  Most of the route I take is through the Turtle Creek Floodplain.  I spent some time playing with the hills on the trails to see how the bike preformed.  The guys at the bike shop told me to stay sitting during a hill climb to get better traction, and I was able to do this and climb a pretty good grade.  I only failed at climbing one hill.  It led to railroad tracks and was covered  in a fairly large stone.  The stone simply broke pushed away under the wheel and I was unable to keep moving.  Guess I\'ll have to work harder on that one.
   The picture today is a yellow wild flower growing in an open area along the Turtle Creek Floodplain.
   Did a 10 mile bike ride in Janeville, WI along a portion of the Ice Age trail.  But there wasn\'t anything interesting to shoot.
   This picture was taken on June 30th of last year, close to the GM assembly plant in Janesville.
Zen on Keyboard

Zen on Keyboard

   The day was forecast to have clear skies, but was overcast the entire day.  None the less, the temperatures were in the upper 60ies, lower 70ies, making it very comfortable for a bike ride.  We rode to Pluvius\'s house, which according to the map was 14.5 miles away.  According to our odometer, we averaged 10 miles per hour.  So this trip should have taken an hour and a half.  But, it only took one hour and on our arrival, we only clocked 11 miles.  This told me our odometer was off.  Since Pluvius wasn\'t home yet, we decided to continue biking to the bike shop.  Sure enough, when the guy checked, the odometer\'s travel factor used to compute speed wasn\'t correct.  After correct, we found we average about 15 miles an hour-- which would make sense if we traveled 15 miles in one hour.  So, our rides previously have all been short by about a factor of 75%.
   Picture today is from this day last year of Zen playing keyboard during practice in his band Mother Noose.
   A cloudy, rainy day today.  But the good news is the temperature has dropped significantly and is expected to stay cooler for awhile.  There was a wonderful sky around sunset, but unfortunately, I missed it completely.  The shot I did get was late in the sunset, overlooking Beloit\'s industrail area.

September 13, 2005

Statistics for Tera

And, because I absolutely love number...
Statistics for "Tera", our 1 terabyte RAID-5 array
Archives 72,789 15.14% 4,165 27.66% 30,915,544,105 3.65% 28.79
BIN 14,531 3.02% 34 0.23% 2,538,422,337 0.30% 2.36
<unlisted> 27,687 5.76% 1,218 8.09% 224,675,495,646 26.55% 209.25
DrDir 4,307 0.90% 121 0.80% 19,073,068,930 2.25% 17.76
Media 214,776 44.68% 2,197 14.59% 369,321,540,805 43.64% 343.96
<unlisted> 7,187 1.50% 834 5.54% 607,378,194 0.07% 0.57
Que 15,425 3.21% 961 6.38% 1,377,074,922 0.16% 1.28
<unlisted> 107,948 22.46% 5,116 33.97% 138,189,211,071 16.33% 128.7
Temp 125 0.03% 14 0.09% 1,007,007,086 0.12% 0.94
Users 15,917 3.31% 389 2.58% 58,504,508,421 6.91% 54.49
Total 480,692 100.00% 15,059 100.00% 846,209,251,517 100.00% 788.09
Average file size: 1,760,398 bytes (1.68 megabytes)

    Note that the root directory of Tera only has 10 directories.  There is an intricate hierarchy of of sub-directories to keep things organized.  Much of this (well, 43.64%) fall under the category "Media", which include graphics, audio and video.

Tera's Media directory details
Sub-directory Files Directories Size GiBytes
<unlisted> 3 0.00% 0 0.00% 2,205,332 0.00060% 0.002
<unlisted> 7 0.00% 0 0.00% 60,285,328 0.01632% 0.056
Graphics 12,175 5.67% 545 24.81% 16,511,392,764 4.47075% 15.377
MIDI 520 0.24% 6 0.27% 6,918,007 0.00187% 0.006
Modual 1,297 0.60% 12 0.55% 198,179,926 0.05366% 0.185
More Graphics 35,269 16.42% 500 22.76% 91,243,955,365 24.70589% 84.978
<unlisted> 251 0.12% 12 0.55% 138,076,083,514 37.38650% 128.593
<unlisted> 8,026 3.74% 628 28.58% 42,566,275,357 11.52556% 39.643
Video 561 0.26% 25 1.14% 7,408,434,059 2.00596% 6.900
WAV 1,670 0.78% 95 4.32% 120,02,966,917 3.25001% 11.179
<unlisted> 154,996 72.17% 363 16.52% 61,243,998,550 16.58288% 57.038
Total 21,4775 100.00% 2197 100.00% 369,320,695,119 100.00000% 343.957
   The split between Graphics and "More Graphics" is based on what get transported on my laptop and what does not.  I keep just about every picture I take, carry the proofs on my laptop.  Likewise, I have backups of friends photography which qualifies as "More Graphics".
   Very colorful picture taken at Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI taken about this time last year.  Again we had an other hot, humid and this time completely overcast day.
   As an interesting side note, I\'ve always been prone to motion sickness when playing first person shooter games.  This is actually fairly common and refereed to as simulation sickness, although according to other articles I\'ve read, I get it pretty bad.  I was interested in the story line behind the game Halo, but was unable to watch or play for more then a few minutes before being so dizzy I have to lay down.    So, I decided to try an experiment.  I took Dimenhydrinate (most people know it by the name brand Dramamine) normally taken for motion sickness before playing.  To my delight (and surprise, since I didn\'t expect it to work) I was able to play for 6 hours without any motion sickness.  I typically avoid all drugs like the  plague, not even taking aprine.  But this was an experiment and for a good cause ;)
Park Place at Sunrise

Park Place at Sunrise

   Hot and humid.  Overcast skies and little breeze.  Although we did a 6 mile bike ride, there wasn\'t anything worth photographing under these conditions.
   Picture today is from this day last year, taken just before 6:00am outside of Park Place.  I believe the planet in the sky to be Venus.
Vincent von Runt

Vincent von Runt

   Welcome Vincent von Runt (Vinny).  Vinny decided to move into Park Place yesterday.  I\'m not sure where he came from or why he decided Park Place was the his new home, but here he is all the same.  Vinny is a little underweight, cries profusely when not getting attention and has an under-bite.
   We biked about 12 miles today, but the hazy sky didn\'t yield much for good pictures.
   Pictured is Vinny, doing what he has done the most while staying here-- sleeping on my lap.
   Yesterday evening I went back to the bike shop to have my bike adjusted (new bike, shifter cables starting to break in).  While there, I picked up a rear bracket and bag.  It holes all my camera equipment (less the camera itself, which I ware) and should relieve me from having to where a backpack.  I also picked up an odometer to start monitoring the lengths of my trips.
   Today\'s ride was more token then anything.  By the time I was able to start the ride, the sun was at the horizon and light was fading fast.  I did a quick 5 mile run with the rear bag fully loaded to see if handling was any different, but with the dark, no pictures were taken.
   The photo for today was taken slightly before the bike ride of geese at Riverside Park in Beloit, WI.
Mari & Jim-Jim

Mari & Jim-Jim

   Some more stats: Our projects directory backups contain 182,613 files; 11,583 directories and spans 9.41 gigs.  This covers backups of 4 1/2+ years of work.  The foot print is rather small considering that my backup method simply involves copying the entire source code directory tree.  The average file size is 54 kilobytes.
   Picture is Mari and Jim-Jim, who are back briefly from Iraq, at our evening out for sushi.