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Lisa\'s Sky

Lisa\'s Sky

   Today began my trip to Alabama.  The morning flight traveled during sunrise, and I was able to get some shots out the window.  This shot would have been pretty cool if they had turned off the cabin lights.  The white reflections are of my work shirt in the glass.  Typically when shooting out a window, you can avoid reflection by placing the lens directly on the glass.  But aircrafts have a piece of Plexiglas between the passenger and the outer window glass, separated by about 3/4 of an inch.  Despite the reflection, the shot is still at 1/6th second shutter speed at ISO 3200, so very grainy and still a touch blurry.  (Darn jet airliners and their being all fast and stuff!)
   The shot today if for Lisa, of the sunrise over a billowy seascape of clouds.  Our altitude was about 10,000 feet, not too far from Chicago, Illinois.
Wonderful weather.  Got a late start on my bike ride due to having slept quite late into the afternoon because of Dencker\'s birthday party last night.  Happy birthday Dencker.. even though you passed out before I got there.
   Most of today\'s shots were mostly of the sunset over the Rock River.  I tried a moon-rise shot, as the full moon was just coming up over the trees during my ride.  I found it imposable to capture both the detail of the moon and the details of the tree line in a single shot.  Either the moon was saturated white (it\'s a bright object in the sky), or the trees were a silhouette.  I\'ll have to work on that.


  Today\'s picture is from yesterday of the chihuahua nicked-named \"Pickles\".  Pickles has a rather large under-bite, and his tong constantly hangs out of his mouth.  Like most chihuahuas, Pickles things he\'s ten-times his size and shakes a lot.

October 15, 2005

Server hardware problems

   Just before departing for our trip, I noticed the Indigo-Dragon using all it\'s CPU power for a gzip operation.  A few hours latter, it was still doing this.  When I tried to kill the process, nothing happened.  I decided to reboot the system; turn on and synced the backup server (the Cyan Dragon) and started the shutdown process.  But the system never booted back up.  We had to leave for our work trip, so were unable to investigate it further.
  Did a night ride, having spent most of the day light working and with a friend.  It was a fine night, so I rode just over 9 miles.  I have to figure out a way of transporting my tripod when I ride, as I saw a number of night shots I want to setup.
   The image today is a black and white selective color picture of Katie, daughter of Mary.
   We biked over 16 miles in just over one and a half hours, covering Beloit\'s far west side.  A large stretch of this was along South Paddock Road between Newark Road (County Q) and Pawn Road.  A good deal of the 258 shots taken today were along S. Paddock Rd. as it was quite pleasant.  More signs of fall color, and the trees should be in full color within a week or two.
   A house on Bluff Street in Beloit, WI for today\'s picture.  The color didn\'t quite come though as I\'d hoped and the picture looks better larger then smaller.


   Total photo count is sitting around +26,400.  We attempted to work more with our video capture card drivers are being a pain-- that is, just not working at all.  We had intended to watch the 1922 silent movie \"Nosferatu\" last night.  As usual, a certain microsoft operating system refused to corporate.
   Today\'s picture is \"Babette\".
   A little fuzzy caterpillar I saved from almost certain death.  Dude was attempting to cross County Road Q on the north-west edge of Beloit.  The motorists on this busy road would likely not be able to see the micro-dude crossing and flattened him.  So, I had him pose on my handle bars, then placed him in the shrubs away from the road.
   My bike ride today was 10.95 miles in 1 hour 1 minute.  That\'s a little slow, but I\'m still a bit sore from my trip over the handle bars.  Saturday night I typically skate.  Although I\'m not a fan of competition, I take part in the races.  I usually take second or third place.  Last night I came in last on every race-- and that\'s a first.  
   A beaver, taken near the Rock River in Beloit last year.  I saw this beaver walking around and tried to get up close to him.  This spooked the poor dude and he ended up hiding under a guardrail, where he was cornered.  I assured him I was only there to take his picture.  He clicked at me a few times, waited a few minutes, then emerged and went about his business as if I wasn\'t there.  Unfortunately, most of my shots were blurry as it was nearing sunset and I wasn\'t watching my shutter speeds.