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   Average shooting in October is around 80 pictures/day.  That\'s a bit lower then my September average of 94 pictures/day, which was lower then August at 107 pictures/day.  The decline is partly due to work, since I\'ve been required to travel quite a bit in the last two months.  Also, as the warmer season draws to a close, the amount of my outdoor shooting will decrees.  I hope to replace this with more indoor projects.
   Today Lisa and I took a small road trip.  There originally was more things scheduled to do, but the very chilly weather caused us to postpone them until an other time.  We ended up at Holly Hill in Washington County, Wisconsin.  A large Catholic monastery sits atop a hill and the tower provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
   The picture selected from todays shoot is from on top the tower in the Holly Hill monastery, looking at the west tower with the fall color in the background.
   One year ago today, I did test best photo to date: Juliet and Wednesday in the St. Andrew\'s Cemetery in Delevin, Wisconsin.  I had geared up all summer for this shoot, searching for the perfect cemetery and deciding on angles.  Then, when the fall color were at peak, I went for the finial production.  Totaling some 600 shots, I made 75 proofs.  I captured what I was looking for and the shots are still some of my favorites.
   My signature shot is this one of Juliet between two head stones.   
   Umm... it appears kitty is a girl.  And I thought I knew how to judge such things.  Oops.  This requires a slight name modification.  I was thinking \"Vinvella Alaqua von Woodward\".  That way I can keep \"Vinny\" and \"Al\" as nicknames.  Vinvella is French and Alaqua is Native American.
   Today\'s picture is from Saturday\'s trip to the apple orchard of some pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
   Yesterday Mary, her daughter Katie and I went to Edwards\' Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois.  Although not quite tradition, I try to get out to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch each year to enjoy the spirit of the season.  So, I was able to sit back in and have my hot cider and warm apple pie.  Afterwards, I took pictures in the pumpkin patch of a sea of bright orange gourds.  
   I think Katie had a good time too.  She had her first pony ride and insisted on seconds before we left.  Our picture today is Katie admiring one of the two cart horses who pulled on an a wagon ride.

October 20, 2005

Server problem status

   After investigation, I think the server may have a bad hard drive.  I booted used knoppix and found the file system intact.  I tried to get grub to reinitialize the boot sector, but no luck there.  So, I got the original SuSE disk and was able to start booting the system with that.  However, a lot of drivers were failing, unable to find files or having errors.  I\'m under the impression the file system may have become corrupt due to a hard drive failure and that the drive is losing data.
   We checked the drive with Western Digital\'s test utilities, but it didn\'t report any problems.  However, I\'ve had drives that don\'t fail the non-destructive tests.  So, I\'m going to back the drive up and run those to see what happens.
   Windy day for a bike ride, but we got in 9 miles.  The sky was quite cloudy, so the light wasn\'t too great.
   Picture for today is of some bright orange berries and seemed to fit the spirit of the month.