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   Yesterday after work I went to a large bike show to investigate my options for a new bike.  I have a habit of destroying the one I ride and was looking for something that was designed more for what I do.  I was told to look into a touring bike.  While there I was able to ride several bikes.  The top of the line, shown to be as a bench mark more than an option, cost around $4,000.  And they were right--it was a dream to ride.  But I found several other bikes more in the price range I was expecting.  I'm not ready to buy, but I have a better idea of what I'm looking for now.
   Zach is the background.
   Biked into work on a pretty chilly day because I wanted to go to a bike show in the afternoon after work.  After a decent breakfast I continued my ride to work and on the corner of Monona Dr. and Femrite Dr. I got hit by a bus.  The bus was waiting at the stop sign behind the stop line and just as I started crossing the road the bus began pulling forward.  What followed was a low-speed collision followed by a long string of profanities and a very, very irritated Que.  The driver stopped right away.  What likely happened was the driver was looking in the direction they were not turning, and when there was an opening, just started driving without checking the other direction.  I typically don't ride on the side walk, except for about half a block on Monona Dr. between Frost Woods Road and Femrite.  This is because both of these street have a T-intersection with Monona, but only Frost Woods road has a stop light.  Monona drive is a busy street with a center divide and using the light is the easiest way to get across.  So after I cross I ride in a parking lot, and then a short stretch of sidewalk.  I always have a headlight on even during the day so that drivers can see me, and it is fairly bright.  The only way not to see me is not to look in my direction, which this driver did.  With the bus stopped before the stop line I didn't think anything of starting across the road.  I couldn't see in the window so I couldn't see the driver not paying attention.  Now I have a bent rim on my front tire that the bike shop says they cannot straighten out--so I need a new one.  Had I been in my right mind and not a partly frozen knot of angry I would have taken down the bus driver's information so they could buy me a new rim.  I spent the rest of the morning in a fowl mood.  This is the second time I've been hit on my bike.  Both times I rode away.  I found that my first reaction is to shout obscenities followed by anger. 
KMSN weather

KMSN weather

   Hard to see, but this is the weather station at the Dane County airport.  When you get the temperature and conditions for Madison, Wisconsin, this is where it comes from.  The airport is on the north east side of Lake Mendota.  The open field of the airport and the wind coming off the lake usually leave this weather station 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the city proper.
   The massive Fowler Ridge Wind Farm.  I have driven by this wind farm several times dating back to my DigiCon trip to Shelbyville, IN more than 10 years ago.  The wind farm was large then, but is massive now.  222 wind turbines generating a combine peak of 600 MW of electricity.  From the air I knew exactly what I was looking at when I saw it.  The GPS plot of the flight confirmed this.