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   Twilight on my ride into work.  Days are now an average low of 30°F (-1°C).  We haven't had any snow for weeks now and it is unlikely we are going to get anymore this season.  Total snowfall for the season is well under average and we've really only had two big snowfalls.  Fairly disappointing but the La Niña phenomenon was forecast to give us a cooler and dryer winter this year.  
   For the post-apocalypse gathering I finally added a truss system to the dining room.  This truss is not as variable as the living room because the room lacks picture rail and must run in diagonal because of the ceiling fan.  Using just a single small nail at the top of trim I am able to have 2x4" truss boards frame the room in a trapezoid.  Those boards can then hold additional truss pieces.  Worked well for turning the dining room into a tent and will be useful for future parties.