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High Waters

High Waters

   This weekend I filled out my bicycling spreadsheet and noticed something.  As of the 15th of June I had already ridden 448 miles for the month, and the month was only half over.  I have already met my goal of 417 miles, and I still have 15 days left.  As of this morning I already was up to 500 miles for the month.  Last month I cycled 611 miles which broke my previous record set back in October of last year.  I think I can not only break the record again but hit 700 miles.

June 18, 2018

Happy Birthday Pluvius!

   This weekend Madison had flash flooding with a storm that formed right over the city and pretty much stayed there.  Waters were still quite high on my ride in to work this morning.  Pictured is the dam on Lake Wingra.  Or rather, the picture is of where the dam should be.  The waters on both sides are level.
   Birthday shout out to Pluvius.  Welcome to the 40th year old friend!
   This tree is no longer there.  Back in December we had a tree specialist come to the house so I could get a quote for removing some dead elm trees we had in the back.  She gave me a complete breakdown of the health of all the trees.  She recommended this tree by the driveway be removed as in time it would become a problem.  So Xiphos and I decided on this disgustingly hot and humid day to remove it.  Its sacrifice shall assist our fire pit some evening.
   A magnificent sunrise this morning.  Although the weather was threatening rain throughout the morning hours I was lucky enough to get a couple of dry windows.  I biked to breakfast just after the rain had stopped.  There was a bit of rain while I was eating breakfast but it had stopped again by the time I was done.  This lasted until after I had arrived at work when the rain picked up again.
   Our air compressor at the house quit working a couple weeks ago.  It would pump but never build up more than about 50 PSI of pressure.  I took the compressor assembly apart and believed I found a metal piece that has broken.  Online I found a complete repair kit which included the part and ordered it.  After it arrived I installed it and reassembled everything.  The first couple times I tried to start the compressor, it was working in reverse.  However, once I got all the pieces installed in the proper orientation the compressor started to build pressure.  Soon the tank was up to 120 PSI.  Looks like the air compressor is back in operation.
   When I bought the air compressor more than 10 years ago I used it primarily to air up my truck tires.  They were always losing air due to a poor rim design the last the seal every time the season changed.  Since then it has had a lot of use.  It's filed a number of tires, operates air tools, blows down a number of dusty items including my computer once a month, and fills my bike tires.  Sometimes you just don't know how useful a tool will become until you have one.
   On my ride home from work I stopped along County Road M to see this family of Sandhill Cranes foraging near the road.  They quickly started walking away (the ducklings were too young to take flight) but I was able to get a couple of pictures as they departed.
   A couple weeks ago I picked up another monitor and second video card from my good friend Pluvius.  To work it into my setup I ordered a monitor stand which arrived this week.  The stand holds four monitors and was designed to mount to a table, but I saw no reason it could not be suspended from the ceiling.  I used a 2x6" board bolted to the rafters as an anchor point and hung the stand from this.  The setup is solid and after the mounting was complete I installed all my monitors.  So far I'm pretty pleased with the results.