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   The mornings have grown chilly and I am riding into work with leggings and long sleeves.  Still, it isn't a difficult ride as it is not yet cold.  The sun doesn't rise until reach work but I have decent twilight by 6:30 am.  Pictured is the moon as seen from the south side of Vilas Park looking over lake Wingra.
   This is a post I found at World War II Days.  I'm not sure of the source for this format, but the text is exact.  The author, Francis Biddle, went on to be the American judge in the Nuremberg trials against members of the Nazi leadership.  This man's record reads like Wilhelm Stuckart, the man who helped author the Nuremberg Laws that deprived Jewish people of their rights under the law.  What happened to Japanese Americans during WWII is only mentioned in passing.  Less talked about was the use of the Espionage Act of 1917 to gag dissident press, and the creation of lists of subversives.  We like to think of our country as the polar opposite of Germany in the 1940s, but there are far more similarities than anyone likes to admit.  Most people look at what the Nazis did and wonder how anyone could have done that.  But ideas like the Nazi eugenics programs were learned from the U.S., and we had our own concentration camps (generally called internment camps) under the Alien and Sedition Acts for Japanese, Germans, and Italians.  Before wondering why they did it, the appropriate question might be to ask why we did it.
Denny Hair at General George S. Patton

Denny Hair at General George S. Patton

   Steve and I went to visit Midway Village for the annual World War II Days reenactment.  A couple weeks ago I finished a very detailed book on the Nuremberg Trials.  One of the speakers at the reenactment is Denny Hair who portrays General George S. Patton.  He is an avid Patton historian and likes to take questions in character from audience members acting as press core.  A couple years ago I asked the general what he "thought of our Russian allies" and the face he made got the entire audience to roar with laughter.  After reading my book on Nuremberg I wondered how the general felt about the idea of war crime trials.  There were two schools of though: one was to bring those who were responsible for starting the war and carrying out atrocities to trial.  The other was simply to shoot them all. 
   After talking with the general, Steve and I went in search of some of the lesser known groups in the war.  The Ukrainians were already gone, but we did spend some time talking to the Polish army and some Russian sailors.
   It is now officially fall.
   I meant to take an after picture, but forgot.  This is the before.  Over the summer months I do not run the oven on clean cycle.  Now that the weather has cooled off it was time for a good clean.  While the oven clean cycle is for the oven itself, the heat produced makes the top of the range hot.  This helps the oven cleaning chemical work.  I generally work to keep the oven fairly clean but it gradually builds up over the summer months and looks like this by fall.  After heating for about 2 hours I used some oven cleaner and without too much effort turn that entire surface white again.  The secret is having a hot surface.  Once it is hot, very little effort is needed to scrap off even months worth of baked on grim.
   One of many docks mostly underwater along Monona Bay.  The weather had cooled off but then warmed back up.  My ride to breakfast was around 64°F/18°C and very humid.  It is now completely dark at 5:30 am and still dark when I arrive to breakfast at 6:00 am.  This morning I was about 7 minutes early as there was a strong tailwind from the west.  The morning temperatures would fall all day.  By the time I left work the temperatures were barely 60°F/16°C and falling.  The humidity also dropped dramatically to around 60%.  With the strong headwind, cooler temperatures and low humidity I am glad I used a long sleeve shirt and leggings for the ride home.  After two weeks for riding each work day I was already tired, and with the strong wind I didn't feel like pushing hard.  So I had a slow but very pleasant ride home with a lot of stopping for photographs.  The clouds have been interesting the last couple of days, the trees are just starting to turn, and the feeling of fall is in the air.