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   This week my neoprene handlebar mittens arrived along with some winter riding gloves.  I tried them out on last week and found they worked really well—too well.  My hands were sweating most of the ride into work.  So on my ride the other day I decided to try using some lighter gloves.  I packed all my gloves but started with some really thin gloves that got really good reviews, but turned out to be nearly useless.  I figured I could work up from there.  Turns out I didn't need to.  The handlebar mittens are so warm the thin gloves were all I needed.  I think the reason this setup works is that the wind cannot get at my hands to pull the heat away, and I generate a lot of heat from riding.  So the light gloves are all that are needed.
   The Sun Dragon is reporting that I only has 8.2 GiB of free space left on the 200 GB drive.  The price of micro SD has been dropping since I last updated this drive back in September of 2016 so I ordered a new 400 GB drive.  That should put the formatted capacity at around 390 GiB and hold us off for a few more years.
   Lovely snowy ride into work today.  The forecast called for snow early in the week, but as today approached the forecast called for less and less snow.  This morning the forecast called for no snow and just an overcast.  However, when I got outside there were already furies.  During my ride the snow was coming down pretty good at times.  I arrived at work with a good layer of snow on my helmet.
   Yesterday I was two for two when it came to losses.  After not getting my trainer to function, I responded to a reminder to clean the trap in the washer.  I check this every 6 months and have good reason.  This time I found change and some metal chunks.  What the chunks were and why someone left them in their wash are both mysteries but the trap caught them and they have been removed.  When I stood the washer back up and loaded in some wash cloths, I noticed water coming from inside the washer and spilling on the floor.  I checked and it wasn't the drain I had just fixed.  Late in the evening I didn't have time to look into it. 
   This evening after work I pulled the top off the washer and noticed the problem right away.  There is a rubber boot that fits around the soup container where the water is fed into the drum.  The boot had fallen off its connector.  Took a few minutes of inspection to figure out how I was going to get at the boot to reconnect it.  I found a section of pipe could be removed and provided access.  After that I fired the washer up and sure enough I had no leaks.  Easy enough fix and more progress than yesterday.
   The other day my new rim and cassette arrived.  I went to assemble them and found I needed a tool in order to press the cassette onto the rim.  So I took drop it off at the bike shop down the street.  Cost me $5 but the rim was ready.  I then put a tube and tire on it, aired it up, and put it on the Iron Horse.  The goal was to have a rim just for riding on my new trainer.  While I can ride in the cold, it isn't very enjoyable.  And since I don't want to loss all the training my legs have been through (and can't sit still for long anyway) I decided I'd pick up a trainer and ride while watching Star Trek.  Here is my bike in the trainer.  Mostly.  The tire is firmly planted on the floor and pressed up tights against another part of the frame.  Although the trainer claimed it could fit a 29" wheel the reality is quite different.  There is nothing I can adjust to get around this.  I will have to return it and select something different.
   Painting has been completed.  I was a little unhappy with the painters tape I picked up as it pulled up paint in a couple of places.  But I touched it up and it should be fine.  I'm a bad painter and had runs in several places.  Still, the door looks like it has been there as long as everything else and blends right in.  So I'm happy with the results.