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   This is my passenger-side mirror, freshly repaired.  In the deep cold of last week I bumped it and it broke off.  This weekend I used some two-part epoxy to repair it.  I'm not sure if the repairs will hold, but I figured I may was well try it.  This mirror is fairly new.  Its predecessor was destroyed by a buffalo last summer.
   A week or two ago our garbage disposal stopped working.  Around a year ago we thought it had died after someone placed bones in it.  It made an awful grinding noise for a couple weeks, but then stopped.  Since then we have been waiting for it to die.  So when power was applied and nothing happened we figure that is what happened.  I wanted a more powerful garbage disposal anyway because we throw everything down it.  It came the other day and Xiphos installed it today.  Turns out our old disposal had not died.  The natural wire had come off near the switch.  It was good we had a look at this setup anyway.  The old garbage disposal had a fake ground.  Someone connected the ground to a water pipe--sort of.  There is no ground wire on that path but we now have a GFCI on the circuit.  So the ground can safely be ignored.  One day the kitchen will be redone and rewiring is on the list.
   At work today I was trying to send source code to a client.  I zipped it up and placed the file in an e-mail.  I got a message back form the system administrator say the e-mail server refused to deliver the message because it contained the virus W32/Skintrim.1!Generic.  Source code is nothing but text files.  This continues to support my position that makers of antivirus software purposely create false alarms so the suckers who waste their money to buy their software feel like they are actually getting a return on investment. 
   Everything is wrapped in a layer of ice.  Pretty, but slippery.
   I found instructions for updating my Pine64 from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS and successfully made that happen this evening.  With this done I can do the testing need to see if the Pine will become the next Sun Dragon.
   Ice storm this evening.  Everything has a thin sheet of ice cover it.  My sidewalks have a thick sheet of ice and I did my best to break them out with a combination of beating and salting.
   Mira was fascinated by this robot demonstration.  It was setup to play tic-tac-toe, for which she didn't understand the rules.  However, she did figure out that she could select a square and the robot would place a golf ball there.  She played over and over in order to watch the robot place the golf balls and then put them back in the storage bins.
   My ride to work this morning was more than +65°F/37°C warmer than my ride just 4 days ago, and despite the fact it was only 40°F/4°C with drizzle it felt like the most pleasant ride I'd done in ages.  The morning ride was to be the warmest as another cold front moves in to cool things off.  My the time I left for home the temperatures were down to 30°F/-1°C.  Still, it was an easy ride compared to Thursday.
   The weather has freezing rain and ice forecast, and I figured I should get my riding in now.  It may be awhile before I have anything resembling nice riding weather.