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September 24, 2019

Stupid junk mail

Getting junk e-mail to my work address from a staffing company called Andela. They are using complete slime-ball sales tactics. The message subject was “Re: Trying to Reach You.” I’ve never spoken to anyone at the company, and they are clearly not responding to anything. The body of the message simply reads “do you have time to jump on a quick call today?” The rest of the body is the “original” message—this person is responding them himself. It reads:

Hi Andrew,
Wanted to follow up - called earlier to see if we could explore a partnership with Andela.
As a quick refresher, Andela identifies elite software engineers across the African continent and embeds them into growing tech companies.

On the face of it, the company Andela kind of looks like a legitimate staffing firm. E-mail messages from sales people spamming as hard as they can with click bait tactics isn’t helping me believe they are anything but a scam. Reading reviews from sales people who have worked there, this company is a mess. Seems the one thing they are good at securing funding. Doing anything useful remains to be seen.