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The Alchemist's Workshop

The Alchemist's Workshop

   I've been working on the Halloween garage setup all week, and tonight I'm starting to see progress.  This is an area called The Alchemist's Workshop.  I have several new props for the setup.  The LED candles look pretty good.  They are made of actual wax, but have a flicking yellow LED.  Out bottle and jar collection has grown since last year.  Currently I am unable to find all the bottles I had painted up from last year.  Could not find them in the attic.
   I still have 3 areas left to work on: Electric Chair, Spider's Web, and Mad Scientist's Lab.  Those make up the major displays.  Then I have a couple little items I want to work in as well.  Despite having all month to work on this, I'm running behind.  Granted, this setup is a lot bigger than last years, but I'm still behind.