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   Pokie, Mira, and I tried a bike ride we attempted last week.  Last week Pokie pulled Mira, but I figured the riding odds would be better if I were to pull her.  So I ordered the bracket that was supposed to allow my bike to pull Mira's.  However, despite coming from the same company and being advertised as the bracket we needed, what I received wasn't even close to what was needed.  So we simply moved the bracket from Pokie's bike to mine.  I had little trouble pulling the additional weight and for this ride I was pretty sure we would make it to the park in Verona.  We started slowly to make sure Mira was alright with the setup and gradually went faster.  As we started on the trail, Pokie called out a stop.  One of Mira's training wheels had broken apart.  The parts were hot to the touch and clearly were not meant to travel at the speeds we were moving.  The training wheels didn't even have bearings.  It is simply a metal bolt and a plastic wheel.  The rubber around the wheel had ripped free.  We tried a couple of things to fix it, but we were stuck just allowing the plastic wheel rim to hit the ground.  It was in pretty bad shape by the end of the ride, but we did make it.
   Our destination was Hometown USA Community Park in Verona, a distance of a little more than 3 miles.  There Mira enjoyed the playground, and we then found an ice cream shop.  Afterwards we biked back to our starting point in Fitchburg, and Pokie and Mira went home.  I had biked to Fitchburg and had another 8 to 9 miles to get back home.  I put on my book and then had a pretty good dinner.
   Bike ride with Pokie and Mira today.  Pokie tried out a new bike mount that allows her to pull Mira's bike so we can do some longer rides.  It took awhile to get it attached correctly but we were successful.  Mira was a little afraid of the setup at first, but by the end of the ride was asking to go faster.  The last part of our ride was uphill and I switched bikes with Pokie to tackle the hill.  I have ordered the attachment that should allow the tow bar to be attached to my bike so next time I can pull Mira.  That should allow us to go on a longer ride as I ride a lot more than Pokie does and am used to heavy loads.