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   My home improvement store didn't have shiplap tongue and groove boards  Luckily, I know how to make them.  I picked up a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood and got a roomie to help me run it through the table saw.  I turned it into 8" strips.  I then used a router table with a 1/2" rabbiting bit to make the tongue/groove.  I made quite the mess—routers turn wood into sawdust—but my results are better than 1/16".
   With the electrician finished, it is time to close the attic back up.  I got a deal on price because I said I would take care of replacing flooring and patching holes in the wall.  The south east corner of the attic floor took it pretty bad.  They had to pull up a few more floor boards to trace out a run of wire we think went to a porch light.  This had been removed before I moved in, and probably long before that.  However, the floor boards are so old that it doesn't take much to shatter them.  I was pretty cautious when I was pulling them up, but the electricians didn't have such luck.  Several are broken and will have to be replaced. 
   I started the cleanup by replacing all the cellulose insulation I pulled out and putting back the boards that were not broken.  I finished that and was able to vacuum about 1/4 of the attic.  I need more insulation and some wood to fix the floor, but I got a good start.
   This new wire created a lot of fuss to get there.  I cut the original which turned out to be knob-and-tube.  Now that the wiring has been replaced, I am able to resume installing insulation at this location.  I cleaned up the old wires and used spray in foam insulation to fill holes.  When that drys I can install insulation along the rim joist.
   I removed the last bench today.  It was delayed mainly because all my power came from a junction under this bench, and that would have to be removed.  Since I already removed the outlets for the benches I didn't have a lot else at this junction I had to rework.  The hardest part was getting the canvas out.  It was stuck against the wall and ripped as I tried to get it free.  I ended up cutting it into three strips, but removed it all.  Now the walls are uncovered.  Just my bench/bed and the shelve above it remain against the wall.  That will require removing my computer setup to move, and I am out of space to store anything else.  So my plan is to finish the north wall so I can move items back to it and rotate the use of storage.
   Today the electrician finished up all their work.  It took them much longer than anticipated—two days longer—but they stuck by their original quote for the job.  He even let me borrow his chainsaw to cut up the tree out front I had to have removed.  I will probably call him again when I need an electrician.
   This light bulb is one I picked up around 5 years ago when I installed my bench edge track lights.  It was very inexpensive compared to other LED bulbs at the time.  This bulb, along with another died recently.  My guess is that the infrequent use of the track light meant it didn't fail sooner.  But the much more constant use the bulbs have been getting due to the basement reconstruction likely killed it.  Too bad.  It was a nice light.
   I have my sub-panel installed and put a temporary outlet in it.  This panel will run my entire area, but exactly where the wires get fed into my setup is yet to be determined.  So for now the wiring will simply wait as the remainder of my setup takes form.
   Spent the day with Pokie, Mary, Noah, Mira, and Maya at a farm.  They had a large corn maze.  We were given a map that had 1/8 of the maze with the location of the next piece of the map marked out.  Each piece would lead you to another piece.  In addition, there were 10 secret locations.  On our first run through with the kids we got all eight pieces of the map, but only 6 of the secrets.  So a couple of us went back to blanket the maze to find the rest.  We end up with 9 of the secret locations.
   After the farm we went back to Elmwood Park and carved and decorated pumpkins.