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   My first round of mudding.  I rewatched the instructional videos and set off to try things myself.  Things went alright, although as I expected I had none of the flair for the techniques I was trying to mimic.  Still I ended up with a lot cleaner results than I had expected.  Time for things to dry and we'll see how I did.
   South wall drywall hung.  I bought a bit for my high-speed rotary tool that is supposed to make cutting out boxes in drywall easy.  I had no such luck and it made quite the mess.  Nothing I can fix but during mudding, but I was hoping for better results.  On the left side of the wall is an open area.  I'm using this area as a coat closet and will likely frame it in a little better.  The sub-panel will get some kind of trim and a door.
   My natural gas heater is designed to hang on a wall.  Since my original walls were covered in black canvas I decided to put on feet and not keep the heater against the wall.  Now that there will actually be walls, I can mount the heater.  I looked into and found a natural gas outlet box.  Installed that and wrapped up the extra gas line in the wall.  I'm going to allow the setup to sit for a day or two and check it again for leaks.  Once the wall is closed up I won't be able to do anything, so I want to make sure the connections are good now.
   I also received my crossflow fan.  For now I've just mounted it on a length of 2x4 above the heater.  I am surprised at how well this helps distribute the heat.  The fan will be put into some kind of enclosure, but the wall needs to be finished first.
   First round of drywall gets hung on the west wall.  I had been held up finishing the framing on the south wall and the last item was the first stud on the north wall.  Now I have a full area to drywall.  I watched a lot of videos about the process of doing drywall and the guys who have been doing it for 20 years make it look really easy.  I found I quickly made a mess of the corners.  Just the trip down to the basement banged up the drywall sheets.  More work I will have to do when mudding.  The second panel ended up a bit twisted so there are gaps at the edge.  Other than the corners and the gaps I think it went smoothly.  This wall is solid with no cutouts and nothing but straight lines.  Made things easier and a good first place to start.
   Added two new work lights today.  These are on the outside of my work area as you walk into the Wyvern's Haunt.  I often need to bring a clamp light to work on my computers because the lighting in this area isn't good.  So I decided to fix that with a couple of 2' LED 800 lumen fixtures.  I'm pretty happy with the resulting brightness.  The colour temperature is awful, but they are just work lights.
   I also added the first 2x4 stud on the north wall.  This is necessary because it defines the limits of what is covered by drywall.  That means the west wall is ready for drywall.  The south wall is ready as well.  I have been watching videos on how to do drywall.  These guys who have been doing drywall for 20 years make it look so easy, but they have given me a lot of good information.  So it is time for my to try it myself and that will be coming up.
   Today I framed up the south wall and added some permanent outlets.  I needed to figure out exactly what I was doing with this wall before I can finish the west wall which is now ready for drywall.  I want to run more wires but I need to first move my main bench and sleeping quarters.  And that requires storage space to move existing items.  I have no storage left, so I need to finish the west wall.  Once that wall is finished I can put shelving back, and that means I can move items back to that location.  That frees up space which allows that space to be used by items on my main bench.  So it is going to be awhile before I can finish up wiring.
   One thing to notice is the horizontal 2x4 near the bottom center.  I have placed this stud at this location as a mount point to hang my gas heater.  I have ordered a gas outlet box.  This will allow me to have a connection and shutoff valve for the natural gas feed to the heater.  In the summer I can move the heater into storage.  That should be here latter this week.  The yellow-orange gas pipe is clearly visible in this picture.  It is corrugated stainless steel tubing and I really like the stuff.  It is rigid enough to hold a shape, but flexible enough to easily route around corners.  It will eventually all be hidden in the wall.