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   The number of comments on my polynomial regression online calculator has reached a point where the comments were more of the page than the other content.  I had written a new comment system for my CRC site but had not yet moved the polynomial site to use it.  This afternoon I made that change.  There was a fair bit of work to convert the old comments, which had the character translations built into the stored comments.  The new system does the conversion at display time rather than post, so those changes needed to be reversed.  The comments are much more compressed.
   Since I was doing updates, I decided to also make a couple small changes.  I allowed the precision of calculations to be specified.  This allows users needing higher precision the ability to set it.  The server for has plenty of processing power which is hardly used by the existing site.  So allowing the higher precision should not be an issue.
   Our comment section on both the polynomial regression page as well as my main site have both had SPAM from educational institutions in south Asia, mainly India.  The comments say something extremely generic like "What a great article" and then link to the site.  I have been deleting these comments because they are simply SPAM.  My guess is they are just looking to get ranked higher by search engines by having their sites linked from other sites, and the useless comments are an easy way to make this happen.  I plan to remove the comments as well as forbid robots from loading the comments.  This should prevent search engines from including the comments and thus not allowing spammers to promote themselves.
   Pictured is Maya in front of a whole-made thongophone in a cement silo.  This is played with old flip-flop shoes and the tall cement silo makes a good resonance chamber.  It was a lot of fun.
   Visited a corn maze in Lodi with Maya, Mira, Pokie, Collin, Noah and Mary this afternoon.  We did the maze last year and found 9 of the 10 secret locations.  This year we were determined to be better.  Noah and I used a fairly efficient strategy of plotting out trek through the maze in a manner such that we were likely to pass by potential secret locations while being able to quickly deploy someone down a side channels.  Without a huge effort or much backtracking we discovered all 10 secret locations.  The maze didn't take much longer than simply getting through it normally.
   While the kids enjoyed finding sections of the map to complete the maze, they were far more interested in the hayloft and playground.  We spent nearly 5 hours at the location.
   My bike ride yesterday took me around Lake Mendota, which I typically don't circle by itself.  I often ride just west of Warner Park when cycling home from work in the summer, but it was not until yesterday I actually went to the park itself.  The ride home also took me through Tenney Park, which I also have not passed through on my rides.  When I do ride the isthmus it is usually along the Capital City trail so I never see the southeast shoe of Lake Mendota.  Fun to change things up on occasion.
   Pictured are three Sandhill Cranes.  This is one of the first times I've actually seen them in water.  I am so used to seeing them around town that it is easy to forget they nest and often feed in shallow water.


   This is a tube of toothpaste and has been used to the point that no matter how much I tried I could get no more toothpaste out of it.  Seems strange how long the tube can look like this and still have content inside.  Must have been several months I was able to continue to extract toothpaste.