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   An other IE/Firefox not matching up issue... On my post on the 22nd, I wrote out a radical expression.  In Firefox, the radical sign, followed by an overline looked perfect, and I thought nothing more of it.  Today, I was checking out the page in IE, and the radical expression lines didn't align.  I looked around the web for information on making radical expressions and tried several before reaching the conclusion there wasn't anything I could do that would make IE look correct
   Somewhere west of Baltimore

November 22, 2006

j = square root of -1

   So I've wanted to understand how imaginary number work for a long time-- part of the requirement for understanding how a Fourier works in which I vow to one day to grasp. Two weeks ago, we started getting into imaginary numbers in math. Today, I finished up my last assignment with them-- several days late I might add. Because of the field trip to Chicago, I missed the 2nd lesson on imaginary numbers and found myself unable to understand the assignment. But, taking the exam helped (?!) and I completed what I hadn't finished today.
x2+9 = 0
x2 = -9
x = ±√-9
x = ±j√9
x = ±3j
   A picture of us last year camped out in front of a store, waiting for the release of the X-box 360.

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From Russ Gates

November 28, 2006 at 2:15 PM

Que, One way to look at imaginary numbers is on the X-Y plane. The real number exist on the X axis only. Pure imaginary numbers exist on the Y axis only. If you have the imaninary number 3 3j, this is the point on the imaginary plane (3,3). Part of the Fourier transform has to do with phase angle. Imaginary numbers have an angle which is calculated by taking the inverse tangent of the imaginary part divided by the real part. One of my favorite equations is e^(j*pi)=-1. It just strikes me as very neat that you can take two irrational numbers and an imaginary number and end up with a whole number.

November 21, 2006

Trubble with printed text

Uncle Ork

Uncle Ork

   It's 2:00am, and I've just completed a paper due tomorrow. I spent almost the entire weekend compiling notes and filling in an outline to make a paper-- and I think the paper sucks. Written text is a pain in the ass. I spent hours searching for a quote that would produce one line of text in my document. Had my references sources been in electronic form, I could have done this in minutes. I can't believe people can write entire books this way. But then, they are probably not dyslexic and absent minded.
   This paper is only the first draft, so I get a chance to clean it up over the next few weeks. Clearly, I should have allocated more time. I wasn't counting on printed text to slow me down so bad.
   I actually like the subject of the paper... I'd hate to know what would have resulted had I not cared about the subject at all. But maybe it would have been easier-- I wouldn't have cared about getting things as accurate.
   This is Uncle Ork, drawn by Ian of the Altered Reality club.  He is modeled after the classic World War I recruiting poster of Uncle Sam and will be part of a flier for the club.