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August 16, 2013

Basement construction, day 1

   So here is my basement of our house Elmwood Park.  It shall be known as the Wyvern's Haunt .  Reconstruction of the box started today.  The only issue with reassembling the box is the electrical setup.  The enclosures I had made around the switch/outlet covers didn't hold up and had to be removed.  So I am making a new enclosure for them, although with a shelve.

August 19, 2013

Basement construction, day 4

   So here is the split of the hardboard and plywood on the top of the box.  At work I was brainstorming how I would address this issue and came up with the idea of using my router to simply mill out an even channel, and then cut a patch with my table saw.  And this is what I have done.  Pictured is the channel that has been milled out.  Next to that I am holding a piece of wood I cut to fit into the channel.  Since I can't find my micrometer (yet) and had to make a guess at the thickness.  I'll use my belt sander to take off the access, but the cut has been done and the board fits fairly well.