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December 27, 2014

Second side of siding finished

   Finished up a second side of siding on the free library.  Found that listening to some history while doing this fairly monotonous activity works pretty good.  I want to complete a third side this weekend before I switch to concentrating on the front of the house.  That will require making a porch roof, installing the porch floor which have to be done before I can side it.
   Siding the free library is a lengthy process.  I had already turned a nice 6"x8'x3/4" piece of pine into 1/16"x8'x1/2" strips.  Most of the board turned into sawdust as the saw blade is 1/8".  Despite my table saw being a construction grade saw, it did a great job of creating these thin slices.  I had at least 30 strips sitting in the bedroom for sometime before this project was ready for them to become siding.  Along the edges I glued some 3/4"x1/4" trim.  This squares up the corners as well as gives some nice guide for the siding.  Then it was a long process of putting the siding on.  The 1/16" strips are thing enough I can use metal sheers to cut them, so that is nice.  I get them fairly close, usually within 1/32", and then use 80 grit sandpaper to file the wood down the rest of the way.  For placement I use a hot glue gun to tack the siding down.  A small bead every 4 inches or so seems to do the trick.  Then I cover the edge with wood glue which will permanently hold the strip in place once dry.  The hot glue dries much faster--within seconds--which is why I use it.  The long strip of siding that span the entire side require clamping when done.  I'll usually do several rows and then clamp it to keep it from bowing out.  The process takes awhile, but it is turning out to look how I want.

December 24, 2014

The Elmwood Park Free Library

   Long weekend, so time to get some work done.  I haven't even announced the project yet despite working on it for two months.  This is the Elmwood Park Free Library.  Here in Middleton free libraries are all over town.  These are generally just little boxes with a door.  We decided our free library should be just a little more complicated.  So we decided to make a model of our house for the free library, and for the last couple of months it has been taking shape.
   Today I glued in all the windows.  The window frames stick out 1/4" and I clamped some 1/4" plywood on either side of the window as a reference.  This is enough room so I can place glass behind each one.  Since the free library is holding book and will be sitting outside, it's important the windows keep the water out.  So this setup should allow for that.