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August 13, 2016

West Road Trip, Day 14--Home

   My last day on the road and just a few hundred miles left.  I had my book and road to traverse.  I pulled into the driveway at Elmwood Park just after 2:30 pm.  
   14 days of travel; 6,659 miles; 14 states; 3 time zones; 7 national parks; 3 skating rinks; 8,652 photographs; -280 to 12,000 feet altitude, 45°F to 120°F temperatures.

August 02, 2016

West Road Trip, Day 3--Kristy's wedding

   Kristy and Chris are married, and in an unorthodox manner far more tolerable than a typical wedding.  We all dressed up.  Many people were video game characters.  As for myself, I dawned my medieval outfit and went as Lord Wolfen from Gemfire.  I found I do not function in the heat.  I had too much and found myself highly irritable and making poor driving decisions.  Afterward I stuck myself under some blower fans in the reception hall to cool off and refused to go outdoors until the wedding was over.  That did the trick and I was soon myself again.  But lesson learned: 105° is well beyond my functional operating temperature.

August 01, 2016

West Road Trip, Day 2--Las Vegas

   Starting the morning with a lovely drive through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  But in time the altitude dropped and the land became arid as I approached Utah.  I watched as the temperature steadily climbed, eventually reaching 105° F (40.5° C).  I didn't enjoy leaving the protective air-conditioned confines of Eve.  Eventually I entered Las Vegas.  Apparently it was unusually humid--around 60%.  This made the 100+ temperatures even more unbearable.  Humid desert in the summer is not my idea of a good time.  So after reaching Kristy's place I stayed mostly indoors and in the pool.

July 31, 2016

West Road Trip, Day 1--To the Mountains

   Eve was packed yesterday.  I spent the afternoon giving her a good cleaning: vacuuming, organizing, and throwing out garbage.  I will be living in my car for the next two weeks, and she needs to be properly prepared to be my home.  Originally I had planned to leave yesterday morning, but I just didn't have enough time after work on Friday to get all the preparations done.  So I postponed for one day.  The first day of driving will be a long one--more than 15 hours behind the wheel.  The first leg of the trip is to reach Las Vegas, Nevada in time to make the wedding of my little sister Kristy.  But this is August.  Summer is not the time to be in the desert or traveling to it, especially since I sleep in my trunk on road trips.  Thus, the first leg of my trip requires me to reach the Rocky Mountains where the elevation will keep the temperatures low enough for me not to melt.  And that requires a full day of driving when starting just before dawn.
   The drive was rather uneventful.  Sunrise in southwestern Wisconsin, into Iowa, straight west through Nebraska and into Colorado.  As I neared Colorado it became overcast and there were bouts of rain.  It was dark as I approached Denver, but once there I just had a short drive to climb into Front Range of the Rocky Mountains just west of Denver.  There I found a little rest area for my first nights sleep.  As hoped, the mountains were much cooler than the 90 degrees I had during most of the trip.  A long day of driving covering 1,017 miles.