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March 28, 2003

Goodbye Savant!

    Savant is retired after nearly 3 years of operation.  It was a good webserver, but it's time to move on. Apache running Mod_SSL takes on our site and soon we can start to add new capibilities to the server.
    The server is still not running on Linux, but it's getting closer.  After finding a working hard drive to setup a tempoary server, we found the Silver Dragon refused to run the non-linux OS-- crashed every time.  But we understand, the Silver Dragon has always been a DOS computer and doesn't want to be anything else.  We'll give it that :)

March 28, 2003

2nd Linux box is not perfect, but seems to work

    The Green-Dragon has a installation of SuSE 6.2.  It requires a boot floppy, but otherwise it seemed fine.  Today we tried to get the system configured with Samba for networking.  The idea was to have the Green-Dragon take on Linux functions and allow the White-Dragon to remain non-Linux.  Since we can't locate a small hard drive for to make a temporary non-Linux box, we thought we'd do things in reverse and make a temporary Linux box.  However, Samba is acting strangely on the Green-Dragon.  I was able to mount the share on the Green-Dragon from the Black-Dragon, and the Green-Dragon was able to talk to the Black-Dragon, but only when the IP addresses were used.  The name side of Samba doesn't seem to be working for some reason.  We tried doing a fresh install of Samba, with the latest version, but no luck.  Despite full functionality like the White-Dragon has, the Green-Dragon does work.
    Having compiled Samba, I'm now leery on putting Apache on this system.  Compiling Samba took about 45 minutes.  There are three compiles needed to build Apache with Mod_SSL, and that system is much bigger than Samba.  It might take a while.  But then, the Green-Dragon is only a Pentium 133 MHz over clocked to 150 MHz.
    I might steal a hard drive from an other system we have laying around to make a temp. non-Linux box.  I believe it is around 2.0 gigs and will be fine for what we need it to do.

March 26, 2003

Linux e-mail is working

    We ran the White Dragon on SuSE for a few hours.  Durring the Linux run, we setup the e-mail server.  I copyed all e-mail aliases and everything apears functional.  Even gave it a spam test to make sure it wouldn't relay spam.  Also setup the Error 404 page.

March 21, 2003

Frag'n hard drives

    Seven frick'n computers and not one hard drive large enough to install that non-linux OS for a tempoary server.  Drat.  We'll have to come up with som'm.

March 21, 2003

Looking good so far

    The SuSE linux system is looking good.  We are able to talk to the network and to provide file access to non-linux machines and mount drives on non-linux machines.  This is a crucialpart of switch over the server because communications to the non-linux console are needed-- and we can't port the console to linux (yet).
    Apache is configured to host all the webpages currently being server by  Before we allow Apache to take over, we need to find a real-time log file viewer.  I need this to monitor web activity and be sure things are working.  It's also nice because I can check up on what's currently going on.  So far though, no luck in finding such a program :(
    The next activity will be setting up a temporary non-linux machine.  This computer will run the other serves, such as FTP and e-mail, until all of those functions are fully configured on the White Dragon.  The Green Dragon is the primary candidate right now and will likely take the job.

March 20, 2003

It compiled... so now what?

    We were able to make a build of Apache with Mod_SSL.  Unfortunately, I'm not pleased with how it is going to work with Cygwin.  So far, I haven't found any documentation on building Mod_SSL for Win32.  So, it looks like we're going to attempt to bypass the intermediate step and go right to Linux.
During this process, expect pretty much everything to be flaky.  If you need anything now, drop me an e-mail (those who would require such services know my e-mail address).

March 19, 2003

More crap with little progress

    Trying to go back in time and making this news page has proven to be a bit of work.  We don't know a lot of the dates things actually happened, but those dates that do appear on this page should be pretty close.  We've discovered that, in some form, has been online for over 2 years now.  Cool :)
    Back to this Apache thing... we tired to get everything we need to build Apache with Mod_SSL.  Man, that has proved to be more difficult than I wanted it to be.  But then, there is a reason it has taken me over 3 years to get a SSL webserver to work.
    It may take a bit, but I am going to get this stuff working.  The ability to be able to compile a functional version of Apache with Mod_SSL is important to me.  If critical updates come around, I want to be sure I can quickly put them into effect.  And I don't really know how or where my current version of Apache with SSL came from-- only that it is the first one I got to work.

March 17, 2003

Out growing Savant and it's time to move on.  Work on Apache is going well, and we'll be making the migration very soon.

    Now that we have Apache running the SSL side of life, we're getting ballzie and thinking about having it run the whole show.  But it'll be a while before everything is ported over.  So, if you notice a page isn't working, but a chap and let us know.
    Are biggest issue right now is trying to find a status display system that will show what the heck Apache is doing since when Apache is running, it just sits there.  That's nice and all, but we want more junk :)

February 23, 2003

HTTPS support added

Secure page serving has been added using Apache and Mod_SSL.  I have tried to set this up for about three years or so, and now it looks like I've got it.  Although there isn't much on the secure side of the server, plans are to allowing browsing and anonymity.

February 18, 2003

Good bye Mother Noose site!

    The Mother Noose site moves to it's new, permenant location at  The site was being hosted on for development, and when the site was complete, the site was placed in the care of Zen.