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January 07, 2004

Pictures of the Red Dragon now online

    I took pictures of the Red Dragon and put them online. I had originally envisioned pictures including more of the motherboard, but, there really isn't much of the motherboard exposed!  So, it's pictures of arrays of fans ;)

January 04, 2004

Status of the Black Dragon

    Testing yesterday with Pluvius confirmed my suspicions: the Black Dragon's new motherboard is dead.  This is likely a case of infant mortality-- a manufacturing problem that took some burning time to finically fallout.  We have an RMA number and will be shipping the motherboard back to be repaired/replaced.
    This will be the 3rd motherboard we've lost in the last 2 months, starting with the original motherboard in the Black Dragon, the new motherboard and now the Garage Crowd/BananaFunk host computer.

January 03, 2004

Big hits in a short time...

    Yep, we must differently be hosting the Garage Crowd site... we went from 3,000 hits on the 1st to over 8,000 yesterday.

January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2004!  So how did we fair in 2003? yearly totals
Total hits
Total bytes
Total Visitors
43,392 yearly averages
Sep 169,405
Jan 75,364,613,120
Oct 3,616.00
   Those stats are not too bad, and we expect them to be higher next year.  The month of December was somewhat of a disappointment.  Roommates eating too much bandwidth I believe to be the primary problem.  Basically, we need a reliable way to cap the bandwidth consumed by P2P network software.
    A lot has happened this year in terms of additions and changes.  The White Dragon went Linux-- a major milestone.  Dynamic content via SSI and PHP/MySQL began to appear all over.  And monthly hits jumped from just under 30,000 to over 160,000.
    So what can we expect in 2004?  Well, new hardware has to work it's way in.  We'd like to switch to the Gentoo distribution of Linux and change the webserver to Apache 2.  As always, we're looking to make more useful to more people.  We'll continue to offer free space and support for local bands and artists.  We will also continue to add more of our own sites, trying to distribute as much of our creations as we can, for the whole world to have access to.

December 27, 2003

The Black Dragon is dead again

     We looked into why the Black Dragon wasn't starting. After a lot of toying around, we again believe the motherboard has died.  It is my guess the first RAM socket, or the electronics next to it are bad.  The only thing the system does on boot up is give a very fast series of beeps.  With everything else removed, this symptoms continues. If we remove the RAM completely, the beeps are different.  But so far, that seems to be the only thing that makes a difference.  Things don't look good for the Black Dragon.

December 13, 2003

The Red Dragon is born

    After a long wait for all parts to arrive, the Red Dragon has been build and is now functional. This duel AMD 1.6 GHz machine kicks a lot of butt. In building the Red Dragon, we took down the Black Dragon to take some hard drives, sound card and video card.  Unfortunately, when we tried to restart the Black Dragon, it wouldn't boot.

December 11, 2003

Iron Dragon returns

    The Iron Dragon returns a repaired and fully functioning system!  Apparently, the motherboard was bad (I had suspected a bad connector-- which might have been the case).  Now that it has been replaced, everything is well again.