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   Dave \"Guy\" Guernsey playing guitar during a recording practice at Park Place.  
   Despite now being back from our Indiana trip and having kept a picture a day, I got swapped in other work and was unable to keep things updated.  So today, I posted several shots.
   Tazz Davies website becomes a little more functional after adding the photo system.  Tazz is still working on the layout, but the script work for the image system is in place.
   Crystal\'s site \"Drink\'n Drano\" gets it\'s first update in over a year.  The addition of 1,300+ images adds a lot of party/event pictures from this past year.
   Still in Indiana.  The picture today was taken about a half mile south of the picture yesterday.  Skies were almost completely overcast the entire day, with threating clouds passing overhead.  However, there was little rain-- just sprinkles now and again.  The county roads in this part of Indiana have no shoulders.  They either have steep ditches or tall grass along side the road.  So to get this picture, I just had to stop where I was, roll down the window, and shoot.  Luckily, there isn\'t much traffic in this area.
  Had to travel to Indiana today for work.  I set out about 1:00am and reached my destination-- just south of Indianapolis-- about 6:30am.  The picture today is the sunrise, seen from Bengal, IN.  This town is just 4 houses and a church on the corner of CR 350 South and CR 750 West.
  A 27.5 mile bike ride today, our furthest point out was Tiffany, WI.  Our travel time was just over 2 hours and our top speed, on a hill on county road X, was 31 MPH.  The trip was more difficult then I had anticipated.  While the first 1/3 was what I expected, the last 2/3rds of the trip were really tiring.  If I plan on accomplishing 50 miles a day, I\'m going to have to not get burned out after 30 miles.  In the words of my favorite character, Boxer, from George Orwell\'s \'Animal Farm\'-- \"I will work harder!\".
   The picture today is a railroad bridge over Turtle Creek by South Smith Road in Tiffany, WI.