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   Thanks goes out to Zen for helping get our Internet at the Garage running while I was in KC.  My guess is still that the connection failed because of the heat.  After getting the modem, router and switches reset, the connection came back to life, but only for a time.  The next day, it locked up again.  I've been looking at various portable air conditioners, since the windows at the Garage are too small to fit the window units I have.  It just figures that as soon as I leave for a road trip, the network displays it's weaknesses.
   Pictured is Nathan (aka. Monty) at hibachi.  Monty took Tyson and I to a nice little coffee shop in downtown KC that had free Internet.  I wish we had something like that around here, that was wonderful!
   Once Tyson and I arrived in Kansas City, we decided to get some food at one of the casinos.  I've come up with a plan to be a full proof winner at casinos: don't spend a dime and take anything that's free.  It's very easy: get one of their little cards to gamble, go onto the gambling floor, walk around drinking free refreshments, then leave.  Only this time, I did one better.  In addition to costing them several cents in plastic, water and nasty tea, I entered a contest.  For doing so (cost free) they gave me a big chocolate bar and I won "1000 credits".  I guess that's worth $10, which I will collect and leave with.  And why do I care about taking money form casinos?  Because how many people can really say the casino has lost money on them, even if it is only a few dollars?
   Pictured are some railroad cars by a grain silo.  I would love to spend some time shooting the industrial areas of Kansas City as they are wonderful.

May 28, 2006

Trip to Kansas City

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

   Today, Tyson and I headed down to Kansas City, Missouri.  I've decided I like Iowa.  Cheap ethanol gas, 70 mile an hour speed limits and my personal favorite, free wireless Internet access at every rest area.  But instead of checking my e-mail, I found my servers to be down.  I'm not sure what has happened, but I'm sure it has to do with the heat.  More reasons I dislike summer.
   Pictured is the Mississippi River, crossing from Illinois to Iowa.
   I got a late start on my bike ride today, departing around 7:00pm.  Originally, I wanted to try a 40 mile loop, but I knew it would be dark in a few hours and opted to do a 30 mile loop instead.  The destination was Carver-Roehi County Park.  The trip there was almost entirely long East Creek Road, which is rather pretty.  Once at the park, I explored some trails for about 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, all the bridges were out, and I wasn't able to cross the creek that runs though the park.  Some make-shift bridges had been made out of scrap wood and downed trees.  However, my bike weights a ton when loaded up with all my gear, so I didn't want to attempt to cross it.
   I explored along the west shore of Spring Brook and took a couple shots.  It was so late in the day that with the canopy cover, I had to use a tripod to get them.  After I finished at the park, I headed out and started zip-zaging back home along country roads.  The sun was setting and about half way though the return trip I had to switch on my head light.  In all, it was a very scenic trip.
   My totals: 29.77 miles— just shy of my desired 30 miles and a travel time of 2 hours, 8 minutes.  Despite having slowed down when checking out the park, I still managed to average close to 14 MPH for the trip.
   Pictured is a rock that hangs over the creek at Carver-Roehi Park.
Looking Back

Looking Back

   Kristy joined us for our bike ride today.  We did 24.43 miles, traveling to Janesville.  Our path was long the east shore of the Rock River heading north along South River Road.  Once into Janesville, we stopped for around an hour to visit people.  When we started back, the sky's were dark with clouds and there were steady winds.  Sure enough, about 2 miles into the return trip, it began to rain.  The rain picked up to a heavy downpour.  It lasted maybe 20 minutes, then died off.  After that, there were spectacular cloud on all sides of us, making the return ride very pretty.  Because of the storm, we managed to get a tail wind in both directions.
   Our trip was just under 2 hours: 1 hour, 58 minutes, 59 seconds.  We averaged 12.31 miles per hour, which isn't bad considering Kristy hasn't biked in a long time. 
   I didn't take too many shots until the return trip, when all the cloud formations were about us.  It's times like those when I wish I had a wider angle lens, as the landscape changed so much the more you turned. 
   Pictured is the looking back on the road returning home.  The color is untouched and captured what I saw wonderfully.

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From Laika

June 01, 2006 at 6:25 AM

Fun trip! One question... Kristy joined US?

From Andrew Que (

Wisconsin, USA

June 02, 2006 at 10:03 AM

Yeah, yeah, I say 'us' and 'we' all the time when referring to myself.