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   Tazz finished proofing most of his photographs and has uploaded them to his gallery.  I've relaid out his gallery setup so that it's a little easier to work with.  The system is pretty much the layout used on and Tazz is working on grouping pictures together for individual galleries of his works.
   Dencker looking quite serious at the Formal Part last Saturday.

September 25, 2006

Fresh, whole made bread

My First Loaf of Bread

My First Loaf of Bread

   This evening, I decided I wanted to bake bread.  It's something I've been thinking about doing for sometime.  Ever since adopting new and (hopefully) healthier eating habits, I've been in search of good bread.  The problem I run into is I take issue with at least one thing in every brand of store bought bread I can find.  I need 100% whole grain.  But the second ingredient always seems to be high fructose corn syrup—I hate that stuff.  The only brand of bread that doesn't have HFCS uses grain that isn't ground fine enough, so it's gritty and doesn't toast well.
   I've always been a fan of whole made bread, but for whatever reason, the idea of making bread didn't immediately dawn on me.  Then the other day in History class, the instructor was talking about bread being a staple food for the French people during the time of the French Revolution.  During his talk, I became rather increasingly hungry for whole made bread.  So, my mind was made up.  I looked around for a few recipes and settled on one that required all of 5 ingredients (flower, water, sugar, salt and yeast).  A few hour latter, the awesome taste of my first loaf of bread blessed my taste-buds—and life was good.
   Here is my happy loaf of bread, only minutes out of the oven.

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From Evermuse


September 29, 2006 at 6:23 PM

That's a culinary breakthrough. One of my roomates made bread this week for the first time as well. Hope you're doing well.

September 22, 2006

Garage Formal Party

The Garage Formal Party

The Garage Formal Party

   This evening was the Garage Formal Party, our first party since March.  I planed it for a Friday so we could have Dencker (who has been booked playing gigs every Saturday).  Since many people have to work during the day on Friday, I thought I'd start the party early.  As it turns out, only a couple people showed up before 9:00pm and I was begin to worry.  However, around our standard party time, everyone did appear and things got underway.  Pictures of the party can be found on the Garage site under Fomal Party 06.
   I received a letter from my bank today, informing me they can not account for a backup tape that contains customer data.  They said an investigation into the missing tape has concluded the data tape is either misplaced or destroyed, but probably not stolen.  None the less, they were making me aware of the situation so I can keep an eye on my account.  
   I have to give my bank props for sending out such a letter.  Accidents do happen, and they have owned up to that and made me aware of the minute possibility of risk.  Now if we could just get everyone else to be honest about security risks.
   Of course, I do have to ask why the backup tapes were not encrypted.  Seems the most obvious way of keeping data secure, even if the tape is stolen.
   Pictured is Crystal taking notes from our Renaissance Art History study group.  We studied for a few hours and that night I had dreams of identifying renaissance era paintings!
   This is a rock stack someone made along Lake Kegonsa.  They are simply stacked, no binding compound.  Despite looking like it shouldn't be standing, it was holding up to heavy winds and incoming waves.  The stack stands about 6 feet tall.

September 18, 2006

2 hours of downtime

   We lost power at the Garage again. I'm not sure for how long, but enough to kill the UPSes. Caused about 2 hours of down time before I returned. We didn't have power when I arrived, but I was quickly able to get the inverter running and the site was back on-line within minutes of my arrival. Shortly afterwards, power returned. This is the second time in a couple months we've lost power long enough to kill the UPSes. It's strange, because Alliant Energy is usually very reliable and quick to restore power during an outage.
   Tazz and I traveled just south of Madison to Lake Kegonsa State Park and a short photoshoot.  It was rather windy and kicked up the waves on the lake.  Pictured is Lake Kegonsa.