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   I like it when a project is really under way and things are falling into place.  I've been working on a project for the company that took over for DigiCon.  Today, I finished up the rest of the work I needed to do on it.  I put on some additional bells and whistles to make things pretty and easier to understand.  What I enjoyed was how when you spend the time at the beginning of the project to do things right, when you get toward the end you have a lot of flexibility and can often do a lot of things with ease.
   A staircase at the Chicago Art Museum.
   Today I traveled to Chicago for my art history class to visit several galleries, the art history museum and watch a play.  It was a pretty long day as we set out at 8:00am and didn't return until 12:30am.  The trip was a lot of fun and I looked at a good deal of artwork.  I looked around several galleries and found one feathering the photographer David Weinberg.  His work was absolutely amazing.  A lot of the other galleries I didn't like at all. The Art History Museum was a bit of a let down. There were a few famous pieces I liked, but a lot of pieces that were really less then inspiring.
   Pictured is a building in downtown Chicago.  I did some modification so the brick building strongly stood out.
   I keep a separate e-mail address for each company order anything from. That way, if I start getting junk e-mail, I can just ditch the e-mail address. As it turns out, most companies are pretty good about not sending garbage and I haven't had to remove very many. What surprises me is the one I removed today-- I've ordered from them maybe twice, and despite having selected their "opt-out", I still receive e-mail from them. Most companies realize junk e-mail is just a way to annoy people, and it's been my experience that most companies respect that by not sending it. I expected more from one of the most popular on-line stores.
   Ian drawing a poster for Altered Reality.