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    It was a warm day today-- upwards of 50 degrees F (10 C).  We still have a lot of snow on the ground, so I decided to air up my tires and take the bike out for the first ride of the year.  I did a slow 4 mile loop around the area and spent some time enjoying the snow covered landscape.  Felt good to ride again :)
    Calculus exam today.  Spent the early part of the morning studying.  We were allowed a 3x5" card of notes, and I had confirmed with the professor it was alright I printed this.  So, I fired up OpenOffice and made notes using 5 point font.  I included vital formulas (such as the derivatives of standard trigonometric functions) and examples of how to work problems from each section we were to be tested on.  Making the note card was a good help, and the card did come in handy as something to reference when I was taking the exam.  I'm notorious for switching signs or subtracting rather then adding.  Calculus has proved to be a demanding class, but I'm doing my best to stay on top of it as I'm sure what I'm leaning now will be needed for my more advanced math courses.
    Pictured are some U-Rock kids at our standard location


    Today I started doing inventory of lighting equipment at U-Rock.  Prior to building anything, we want to straighten out the electrical storage area for the theater.  Talon and I tested and sorted a great number of lights-- more then I had expected.  Now, they all need a home.  But that's for an other day.
    A photo recreation of Lady Lilith I assisted with.  Niki needed this for a photography class (a class I should be taking next fall).  I was given permission to use the theater to take the shot, which gave me access to props and all the lighting equipment I'd ever need.  It's not as perfect as it could be, but I'm fairly happy with it.  Niki is going to add the remaining details via photoshop.
    Insanely winter.  The blowing snow was so strong that although I was driving in the middle of the day, I could not see portions of highway 51 on the way home.  Even the plows gave up.