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Active Mind

Active Mind

    In Bible study today we learned about how Moses died and Joshua took over.  While Moses was pretty good a killing lots of people, he paled in comparison to Joshua.  Entire cities, men and women alike-- killed them all.  Joshua was even directly credited with killing some of them.  What'da guy.  Maybe all this violence explains why evangelical Christians are so supportive of the war.  After all, if Joshua killed everyone and plundered everything in the cities he took, the US is being pretty gentle in Iraq.
Cellar Door

Cellar Door

    Not a good day for allergies. I ended up having to spend the day in Brodhead and to pass some time, I walked around the downtown area a bit. My eyes felt like they were burning out of my face. Despite this, I was able to pull off a number of decent shots. The emphasis this day was doors, windows and texture, along with a few water shots. After returning home I broke down and took some allergy medicine which with a nap, alleviated my eyes. I was pleased with the number of shots that turned out, so even though it wasn't a great day, I have something positive to show for it.

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From Amber


May 23, 2007 at 11:59 PM

You had to spend the day in Brodhead??? Where did you take this picture???

May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Zen!



    A happy birthday going out to our good friend Zen who is currently enjoying a road trip and is somewhere in Florida.
    My Bible reading continues, and I've almost made it through Deuteronomy.  The book is still awful, but it does shed some light on how people in power at the time perceived the world.  Death it seems is the punishment proscribed for just about every crime.  And it's rather disturbing how women are addressed more like they are property then people.  I also wasn't aware the extend animal sacrifice played in the Bible.  Mostly though, these books of the Bible are boring lists, repetitive commands or recaps of past events.  Not much of a reader of ancient literature, I've begun to wonder if everything written around this time was a clumsy and dull.
    Checked my grade for Comp. Sci. and scored a 96.92% on the exam.  The two exams in this class are the only thing preventing my grade from being perfect.  The professor drops the two lowest assignments, labs and quizzes.  Those dropped for me include assignments I scored 100% on.  For my finial grade I received 97.95% in this class, which is in line with my expectations.
    Did some work on the news administration page and converted the entire system to AJAX-- greatly reducing load times.  Seem to be working so far.  I've been thinking about making a small object-oriented AJAX library for use on my projects.  Something that makes it easy to process forms between PHP and XHTML with Javascript.
    Pictured is Preservation Park in the evening.

May 16, 2007

Last exam

    So I took my last exam and so begins my summer. I have a bit of a reading list for the summer and I've started off with the Bible. I've read chunks of the Bible in the past, but never the whole thing in it's entirety. I made it through Genesis and most of Exodus today. In all honesty, Mein Kampf wasn't this boring-- and that book sucked. I guess there's a reason people pick and chose what they quote. Long lists of the names of sons (everyone seem to have first-born sons) who lived for hundreds of years and some painfully detailed instructions on how to build the "tabernacle" (a kind of portable sanctuary)-- at least 4 full chapters. There was some humor though, like Jacob wrestling with God-- and winning by touching his thigh (Gen 32:24-28).
    Pictured is dawn over the Rock River

May 12, 2007

Fireball website

    Finished the fireball website.  It's only been about a year since I started it, but that happens.  The main reason I didn't complete the site was because I didn't yet have a comment system in the photo gallery.  I got around to that in July.  I then had to separate the login system from the photo blog scripts.  I had all this working when I assembled Tazz's site.  Now that I don't have to study for calculus, I decided to finish the site enough to make it live.  After upgrading the gallery script (so people can leave comments), I added a feedback page and watermarked all the photos.
    Early morning on South Ave.

May 11, 2007

It is done!

Talon is winded

Talon is winded

    It is done!  I have taken my calculus finial and what's written is written; it's said; it's done; that's it.  I knew the exam was 15 problems, and with the alloted time knew I had about 8 minutes per problem.  Despite flying through the first several problems, I still was running short of time by as I approached the end of the test.  I finished every problem, but I wasn't able to go back and check my work.  Overall, I felt pretty good about the test and my only complaint is the time constraint. 
    This evening, I checked and found grades were posted: 93.33% on the exam.  That makes me very happy.

    The professor allowed the use of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper for notes.  All I can say is I love OpenOffice, 5-point font and my laser printer.  Check this out.  Despite all the work I put into the page, I only looked at it a couple times--but those times were really useful.
    After the test, I found I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of the day.  Being bright, sunny and fairly calm, a bike ride sounded great.  Talon wants to start biking, so I figured we'd do a quick 10-mile run.  We did my standard loop to Big Hills Park and I left him pretty winded.  The ride lasted about 57 minutes, totaling 12.25 miles-- so we averaged close to 13 MPH.  Winds were from the north-east and dogged us a bit on the way out.  But on the way back, we had a nice tail wind.  Always nice to get those at the end :)
    Pictured is a winded Talon after the ride