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October 17, 2007

Oven repair

    So the other night I tried to bake bread and a pumpkin pie, only to have the oven not corporate with me.  For the last couple of months, the pilot light hasn't stayed lite and I've grown accustom to lighting it before I use the oven.  Observing the burner, I could see the gas line that feeds the pilot has a leak where it entered the bottom of the oven.  This is clear since once the burner lights, an area right around the feed pipe usually ignites and burns steadily.  Clearly, the pipe had issues.
    Wednesday is one of the few days I have any free time.  So I had a chance to look at the oven this afternoon after class.  Pulling it out, I removed the pilot fuel line and took it up the street to an appliance store.  They were more then happy to sell me a replacement, which went in fairly easy and the oven is back at full functionality. 
    Pictured is Mandy
    Looking around the net, I found eyeOS.  I read about it and then played with the demo and was really impressed.  This is probably the best JavaScript environment I've come across.  It's very fast and the interface is quite clean.  I downloaded and installed the system on to play with and it went on flawlessly.  I don't have a lot of use for the environment as-is, except as an other way to transfer files to myself.  But I have some plans for the future, including the WebHMI project.
    Pictured is a lazy afternoon in Andrew's Hall.