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   We're back under "Moderate Flood Stage", which is at 11.1 feet.  Storms on the 10th and 11th added an extra 12 inches of water to the river, pushing almost back into the major flooding stage.  More rain is expected tomorrow in thunderstorms, so we'll see what happens.
   Burwood still has a good deal of water sitting around.  Ski View between South and Yost was covered on the 12th, when the river was around 12 feet.  The west end of Community Drive is still under several inches of water--likely the lowest place in Burwood Park.
    This is a closeup of my eye (left eye to be precise). I took a set of picture of my eye to examine the possibility that my irises exhibits central heterochromia--that is, the center of my irises are a different color then the outer edges. Looking closely, this appears to be the case.
    I've long noticed this about my eyes, but apparently not everyone's eyes are like this. So it looks like my outer iris is gray and my inner iris is an amber. I usually describe my eyes as hazel. From looking at other pictures of hazel eyes, it seems central heterochromia is fairly common.
   I took this picture using my 92 CRI 5000k florescent bulbs for lighting.  I setup my camera to color balance at 5000k and therefore the color in this picture should be fairly accurate--this is what my eyes look like.

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From ERica

January 02, 2009 at 4:09 PM

Xen's irises have a white color around the pupil. Mine have yellow, but sadly they don't make my iris turn green =(

July 11, 2008

The Blue Dragon arrives

Blue Dragon Parts

Blue Dragon Parts

   All the parts for the Blue Dragon have arrived.  I spent the day assembling the system and getting software setup.  Assembly had some issues here and there.  Airflow through the case had to be reversed because the heatsink fan hit the tall RAM if the fan faced the normal direction.  There were a couple little things like that, but for the most part, there was nothing unusual about building this system.
   To my surprise, when I hit the power button, the system started and was ready for software.  That's a first for me :)  Ubunutu installed very easily and in no time, the Blue Dragon was alive.  Now begins the long process of migrating to this system.  I have a fair bit of tinkering to do since I need to emulate a lot of non-Linux software I can't find a suitable replacement for.

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From Ed

Beloit, WI

July 16, 2008 at 7:22 PM

Nice Que!