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   Met up with Juliet and Tyson this morning.  We did breakfast and a lot of talking.  Oddly enough, being 400+ miles away seems to have made me spend more time visiting people then when I was living in Beloit.
   Eric is such a McCain fan... doesn't he look it?  And how did those McCain signs end up at the Garage?  I haven't been home so I'm not entirely sure, but it's better not to ask I think.
   Holly cheese.... I have hair.  I'm not too fond of how short it is, but I'm working on that ;)  I look... so... normal. 

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From samantha


November 21, 2008 at 9:48 PM

you look likr you're 12. Baby face.
   Warm it up :) 
   This picture is from my random collection of still life around the apartment, but it reminds me of the fact I have electric everything rather then gas--and I don't like it.

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From Liz

The River

November 19, 2008 at 8:08 PM

I'd rather have an electric or the garage's gas stove than my piece of shit gas stove that's in my apartment.
   My Schneider monitor needed to be cleaned out again today.  The monitor is diseased or dieing.  Back in January it had stopped working until I opened it up and added electrical tape around an arch that was taking place.  Over time, the "center blackout" has become more frequent and today the picture disappeared again.  I pulled off the hood and put in new electrical tape.  I then gave it a blow down with my air compressor.  The monitor is fine again, but this may be an ongoing task.  The electrical tape I replaced seems to have hardened (probably due to heat), but didn't appear to be chard from arching.  Not sure what went, but it is fixed for now.
   I moved my air compressor down to Cedar Rapids because, as usual, my tires refuse to hold air for more then a few days.  I've become so use to this that I bought a 10 gallon holding tank I keep at around 120 PSI and cart around with me everywhere.  I also have the air compressor.  I bought a (stinky) 50' hose for it and I regularly climb out my apt. window to refill my tires.  The neighbors must love when that compressor kicks in, but no one has complained and I limit the turn on to afternoons.
   Pictured is a closeup of my air compressor.  I did a quick series of still life around the apartment.

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From cutenosegrl

Wisconsin, USA

November 10, 2008 at 9:01 PM

LOL, between the air compressor, the old truck and all your "home improvements" your neighbors must be having a field day with you.. LOL. HUGS miss ya hon.
   I spent much of the day catching up on my site.  I still have a large gab from the middle of September to mid October to fill, but it is better then it was.
   Pictured is the air conditioner.  This was part of my project yesterday.  I found that cold air blows through this device as if it were on.  I would normally just add enough insulation, duct tape and caulk to make the thing stop, but I can't modify this place.   So, I started by removing the plastic trim piece and found there is a metal insert the air conditioner slide into.  This is where most of the air blows in.  I stuffed that with fiberglass insulation and replaced the trim.  I then used a plastic bad and duct tape to cover the front of the unit.  The bag inflated and stays fairly ridged, so it is defiantly stopping air--hopefully completely stopping air movement.  We'll see in the coming days if it has worked.
   My new setup in Cedar Rapids.  The first setup I had just included a 2x8 foot (60 cm x 2.8 m) table top.  When I build it, I had zero tools at my disposal.  My initial play for a computer desk was to search around and find a cheap computer desk, buy it, use it, and give it to Goodwill when I left.  However, all the computer desks I found would have been too small for my 21" and 19" monitors.  So, I headed off to the building supply stores and came up with a new plan.  Two pieces of 2x12"x8', some metal saw horse clamps, and a few lengths of 2x4.  I had to have them cut all the wood, which is a first for me.  But it worked and I had a bench.
   Since I was in a bit of a hurry, I didn't correctly judge the height of the bench correctly.  It stood about 37 inches (93 cm) from the floor.  Standard desk height is 30 inches (76 cm).  My bench at home is 33 inches (83 cm) high as that is the height of 3 milk crates (my standard of measurement) stacked on top of one an other.   I had planned on making a keyboard holder for this bench, but it was clear the height was an issue--I had to look up at the monitors which is hard on the neck.
   The new design incorporates my classic L-shaped bench as well as covers my bed.  This greatly increases the usable surface area--which I really don't need.  However, I do lack a table so the surface area is useful for that (overkill, but it works).  To make this new bench, I only needed two more items: 2x 2x4"x6' and a piece of 4x8'x5/8" OSB.  The remaining wood I already had in the old bench.
   Assembly was quick.  I used the bed of my truck as a sawing surface for the 6 cuts that needed to be made and my air compressor saw to it everything was clear of sawdust before coming inside.  My new Dewalt 18V drill had it's first real building project driving the screws for this one.  It preformed beautifully which is what I've come to expect from their tools.
   The new bench allows me to sit correctly in front of my computer, which means I should be able to do all the graphics work and typing necessary to keep my site up-to-date.