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October 27, 2010


   My instructor said we would have to look at the winds for the day before we flew, but just from the forecast I knew it was going to be bad.  We had 60 MPH winds forecast, and when I checked the METAR for Janesville I saw wind guests up over 40 knots.  No flying today.
   Windy fall day.  Let me quote the METAR: KJVL 261845Z 22025G40KT 10SM BKN024 OVC034 11/07 A2910.  Translation: Rock County Airport, 26 day, 18:45 Zulu time (UTC).  Winds from 220 degrees (south west) at 25 knots (28 MPH, 46km/h), gusts 40 knots (46 MPH, 74 km/h).  Visibility 10 miles.  Broken clouds at 2,400 feet, overcast at 3,400 feet.  Temperature 11 C (52 F), dew point 7 C.  Barometric pressure 29.10 inches of mercury (low pressure).  That's pretty bad flying weather.


   For my flight today we went down to Beloit airport to practice some short/soft field landings.  Turned out to be more difficult then we expected. 
   For my flight to the airport, my instructor asked me to fly it without any navigational aid.  That wasn't hard actually.  I know where the airport is and I know Beloit pretty well.  But once we entered the pattern the lesson became more difficult.  We had a crosswind directly from the left side.  Beloit's runway is 3,300 feet long and only 50 feet wide.  And only last catch: there is a strange wind pattern caused by a barn not far from runway 25. 
   I tried, but I'm not sure I had even one good landing.  My takeoffs were the good news.  Short field takeoffs were required if we wanted to do touch and goes, and I was able to do them all without any problems.

October 22, 2010

2nd Solo Flight



   Second solo flight today.  My instructor told me to fly around Lake Koshkonong and come back.  This way I would leave the traffic pattern and have to come back.  I did my walk around, start up check list, and asked Ground for to clearance to enter the pattern.  Ground gave me runway 22.  I did my taxi and run up, and then asked Tower for departure clearance.  Tower clear me and told me to fly right traffic.  I did three alright touch-and-goes, and then requested a departure from the traffic pattern to the north.  Tower cleared me and I did a climb to 3,000 feet while flying over Janesville.  From there I could see Lake Koshkonong and just flew right at it.  I then got that feeling: I'm actually flying the plane!  My last solo I didn't get this as I was too focused on procedure, but now I had time to relax a little and enjoy the flight.
   Once at Koshkonong, I did a slow circle around the shoreline at 3,000 feet, enjoying the fall colors.  After my lap was complete, I put Janesville in the GPS for the return flight.  I did this not because I needed to know where Janesville was, but because I wanted an accurate measurement of how far away it was.  I called Tower about 10 nm out and requested to get back in the pattern.  I was given right traffic for runway 22 again, and I started some more touch-and-goes.  I had planned on doing 3 more, but when flying downwind afte my 2nd touch-and-go Tower asked if I could bring it in tight as he had a King Air coming in.  I told them I would give it my best, and did my 3rd touch-and-go.  Since they had an other airplane coming in, I decided I would just make this a touch-and-go rather then slow things down with a stop.  I went around one more time and made this landing a full stop.
   Tower cleared me back to the Jet Center.  I wasn't use to getting full clearance like this, and when I came up to runway 32 I stopped to see if maybe I had messed up my taxi instructions.  Normally when crossing a runway you need clearance.  I had been given that clearance but hadn't realized it because it wasn't explicit for the runway.  So I called Ground and asked for clearance to cross.  I was cleared and no harm done, but it was something I had to ask about latter.