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December 29, 2010

Rough draft part 2

Completed an other rough rendering in Kerkythea today.

   This is one of the first times I was able to get Kerkythea to actually render the scene.  After a lot of playing around I found the reason I kept having failures during the mesh building process was due to the number of light sources I had in the scene.  Although I loved all my wall lamps, Kerkythea did not.  So I removed them and added a few single point sources.  This did the trick.  I let this small animation render over night for a proof of concept.  It runs about 30 seconds and has an MIDI version of a song written by Erica.  Turns out the 30 second run time is too fast, and I need to slow down the walk through.  I also want to do a recording of Erica playing the piece she has written on Cello. 
   Now that I have the animation rendering actually working, I can get back to the updates needed to make it happen.  I'm working on a new walk path, and point source light fixtures.  I have to travel next week, so my hopes are to have something ready to render while I am away.
   Big things to Erica for her work on getting me a background track.  The MIDI version doesn't do the piece justice, but I like the tune and I think it's fitting for a Victorian era house. 

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From Erica

April 26, 2011 at 11:06 PM

We never did that And aw, you're welcome, even though I really am sorry that it's not that good. Seriously
   My good soldering iron died a long time ago, and I have been using a $5 iron since.  I found I was unable to desolder large connections as it lacked the heat to melt such a large area.  I miss my old iron...
   Pictured is Tazz and little Griffin.
Andrew Que

Andrew Que

   Doing some contract work over winter break on a project I have not touched in 5 years.  After pulling everything out of the attic I found I needed a parallel port cable, and no one carries them anymore.  I found a place in downtown Beloit that works with old computer, and they had one.  Finding a computer with an actual parallel port is an other issue.  Turns out that USB to parallel port adapters only create an LPT port, but they do not reserve the I/O space typically setup for parallel ports (0x378).  So I could not use my adapter.  Since Tyson and I had upgraded Steve's computer for his birthday, he had an older tower sitting idle.  In it's day it was top-of-the-line, and included a parallel port.  So I have about the best setup I can ask for with this old hardware.
   I let this experiment finish up today.  It is a simple scene with several items I designed: wine glass, coffee cup, candelabra, a glass bowl, and a fork.  I think this scene shows the power of Kerkythea quite well.  None of the objects in the image are all that complex, yet the scene looks fairly convincing.
   Here we have an other rendering of the dinning room.  Since the last rendering posted on 12/20 I have made several additions and corrections.  I added a hutch and filled it with some dishes.  I fixed the chairs, and changed the seat covers to a velvet fabric.  There are still a few items to be addressed, but I like they way it has turned out.
Andrew Que

Andrew Que

   After a lot of experimentation I have discovered why Kerkythea can no longer render my scenes: too many light sources.  I have around 30 light sources in my design.  This somehow leads to problems.  If I remove some/most of them, I can get my render to work.  So work will continue to see if I can reduce the light count.