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   Halloween party this evening and again we got out the black light paint.  By limiting the amount of paint people had access to we were able to not have it everywhere this time.  There was a lot of creative face painting, and some murals on the canvas we hung on the basement walls.  Xiphos put together his awesome lighting rig and we had quite the setup.
   Amber, Sean, and I took a trip to Galena, Illinois today.  Over the last few months I have been becoming more familiar with wine.  The day trips Amber and I take often put us near small wineries, and we'll stop and do a tasting.  I'm quite novice, but I have found several wines I like.  Today's Galena trip added more to the list.  We stopped in a lot of little shops and an art gallery full of photography that made me feel I had no business looking through the lens of a camera. 
   I found this wall of ivy showing it's fantastic color and took a few shots.  It was shadowed, but still very pretty.
Router Table

Router Table

   Completed this yesterday.  The router table I had been using suffered from several problems, mainly due to its plastic construction.  After I messed up a pretty nice piece of oak I decided to make my own table.  I set out about building a slightly better one that would hold my router.  It's simple, but it worked well.  I finished the piece I was working on.  I will loss around 11 inches, but should still function.