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   The carousel at House on the Rock.  This item was difficult to photograph for several reasons.  First, despite having some 20,000 lights the attraction is still dim in lighting terms.  Secondly, it never stops moving.  The area also has a very large contract range, from dim to dark.  And lastly, like most things at House on the Rock, everything is so detailed it is hard to find any one shot that captures what the carousel looks like.
   This shot is taken close to the carousel and shows the some of the many chandeliers that adorn the attraction.
   Amber and I went to House on the Rock today.  I don't ever recall having gone before, and it is a photographer's heaven.  I took over 1,000 shots and saved over 100.  Everything is quite dark, so I shot mostly in ISO 3200.  This was good enough that I even had a high enough shutter speed to freeze-frame the carousel (which never stops moving).  It rained the entire day, which I think added to the expense.  As we walked through the various places we could hear the rain on the roof, and outside there was haze and an almost melancholy feel to the gardens now well past their summer prime.
   Pictured is Amber in front of one of the many automatic music machines.  The attention to detail was these musical displays were fantastic.
   Prints arrived today, and I was able to finish two frames.  The black walnut (pictured) gave me the least amount of trouble.  I had to trim about 1/8" of glass in order to get the piece to fit into the frame.  That wasn't easy and I ended up chipping off small pieces until I had a the glass at a size that would fit into the frame.  The frame lost some size when I missed up on my initial 45 degree miter cuts, hence the need to trim the glass.
   I am very pleased with the results.  I think the frame works well with the picture I have chosen.  For printing, I added a 3/8" border around the image so the edges would not be cut off in the frame by the 1/2" border.  I tried this with my last print, but only added a pure white border.  When I received the print, the border was not even on all sides.  I thought the printers must have had no guides for cutting the print and hence the uneven borders.  This time I added a black border on the very outer edge hoping it would act as a guide.  It did not, and the margins were just as uneven.  Luckily, it did not effect the prints position in the frame as I still had oversizes the print by 1/8".