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   Canada along the shore of lake Superior was really beautiful.  I love snow, and they had plenty.  Most of the drive was rolling hills, with most pine and some birch trees.  To the best of my knowledge Nipigon, Ontario, at 49°00′N is the furthest north I have ever been.  Canadians are stereotyped as being friendly, and I found this to be true.  I stopped at a tinny restaurant in the morning and had a pleasant conversation with owner.  When it was time to pump some gas, I wasn't sure how to operate the quite old pump.  But the guy working in the store was quick to help me out and very nice about it. 
   It was a long day of driving.  I did +300 miles to Sault Ste. Marie and bid Canada farewell.  I crossed into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and headed west.  It started out as mostly woodland, but in time it transformed into a mix of woodland and the farmland I'm so use to from Wisconsin.  I traveled mostly along the northern shore of Lake Michigan to Marinette, Wisconsin.  It was getting dark by this time, but I had done most of this drive before.  Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, and Rosendale to highway 151 that takes me all the way back to Madison.
   The total trip was around 1,700 miles, and I have successfully looped around Lake Superior, visited Duluth/Superior, entered Canada, set a new personal record for coldest trunk camping and northern most location, and driven through Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  That was a lot of fun.  While most people go south for spring break, I much preferred going north.
Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota

   The long part of my trip began last night.  I started from Rochester, Minnesota and started driving north.  After the twin cities I looked for a place to stop for the night and found a rest area near Harris, Minnesota.  It was time for a continued traveling tradition: sleeping in the trunk.  I started this last year on my trip out east, and it worked out very well.  This time March has not been unseasonably warm, so I brought several blankets in addition to my low temperature sleeping bag.  After preparing, I slept comfortably through the night.  When I woke it was 7° F (-14° C), but I was warm and comfortable.
   From there I continued north to Duluth, where I made several stops that included the aquarium and the lighthouse by the canal.  Duluth reminded me a bit of Dubuque, Iowa, but much bigger.  I crossed into Superior, Wisconsin for a bit and I'm fairly sure this is the northern most point in Wisconsin I've been.
   After my nice visit to Duluth I continued north toward the Canadian border.  I stopped in a few little towns including Two Harbors.  This area of Minnesota is really pretty and it was a very enjoyable drive.  I reached the Canadian border around 5:15 pm and drove to Thunder Bay, Ontario.  To my delight, I found that changing money was as easy as going to an ATM and withdrawing cash, although a girl I talked to at a gas station said they could take credit and do the exchange rate when I purchased items.
   I drove around Thunder Bay a bit as it was getting dark, and then continued north-east.  Seems that Canada does not have regular rest areas like the U.S. so I was having difficulty trying to find a place to sleep for the night.  I reached the town of Nipigon and found an empty parking area rather out of the way.  This would be good enough and I again prepared the trunk and went to bed.