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   Maya leans over the edge in anticipation of the train that will soon pass through the tunnel.  While she is a bit young to really enjoy the plant life, the ability to run around without a coat in nature is something she seemed to enjoy.  After all, it's been about a quarter of her life since she's been able to do this last.
   I was driving down the road in New Mexico on my way to White Sands when suddenly the soil changed from it's customary red to black.  Wondering what had happened, I pulled over and explored a bit.  The rock was clearly volcanic, and this was clearly a lava flow.  Not sure what I was seeing I took a picture of the GPS so I could look up the location latter.  However, after driving a bit more I came Valley of Fires Recreation Area.  I discovered this was Carrizozo Malpais, a lava flow around 5,000 years ago.  What I found interesting is that while we most often associate lava flows volcanoes, there were no volcanoes around.  The land was hilly, and there were mountains far away, but no mountains near by.  Turns out the flow came from a small vent on the north east corner of the flow.  This was a very cool find.
   Today Xiphos decided to try creating some role playing scenes.  Using some polystyrene from a large item I bought some time ago he created a throne room.  It is gridded out so we could role play in the room.  The setup gives us a lot of options.  It can be a throne room, a dungeon, a castle wall, sewers, or several other places.  And that is just one side of the polystyrene.  Flip it over and there is a new layout.  I think he did a really good job and look forward to a campaign.