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May 18, 2014

Wyvern's Haunt Walkthrough

A virtual walkthrough of my basement setup at Elmwood Park. I went a bit overboard with this model. It was originally used to determine space requirements, and I slowly kept adding elements until items such as the heating ducts were present.  This video was actually finished back in October of last year, but I had always planned on adding more.  Since that has not happened, I figured now is as good a time as any to release the video. The video gives a good overall view of my work area in the basement as well as an overview of the basement layout.

A shout goes out to Zen. Happy birthday man!



   Attended the Janesville Renaissance Faire this afternoon.  Always fun to get in garb and walk around.  Met up with Desirae who I have not need in several years, and I liked this picture I took of her in particular.  I used the low sun coming through the window to cast a shadow the right side of her face, but then overexposed the shot to compensate.  This setup helped to bring illuminate her light blue eyes.  For post processing, I softened the face and sharpened the eyes.  This makes her eyes a very strong focal point.  The rest of the image has very little color contrast, except for the bow of the hat.  This tends to lead the view from the subject's eyes, to the bow.  The movement around the rest of the image is harder to follow as the bottom of the image has less direction.  I think the hair does provide movement to guide the viewer to around to the bottom of the picture, where the tattoo lettering moves to the view to the right.  However, I found after the bow I focus on the lips next.  Perhaps because the pink in the bow works with the lips.  Whatever the case the movement isn't what I expected.  Nonetheless I think the shot works.

May 13, 2014

10 Years of Digital Photography

Juliet as my first subject

Juliet as my first subject

   Today marks 10 years of SLR digital photography.  On May 13, 2004 I received my Canon 300D and that evening was amazed at the clarity of the photos I was able to take.  Since then I have taken more than 119,200 pictures with the three different digital SLR cameras I have owned.  Of the pictures taken around 14,000 were kept (proofed) for an 11.7% save rate.  Over ten years I averaged around 33 pictures each day, proofing 3-4 of those.
   The first few years I took my photography pretty serious, and some of my initial works are still my favorites.  The photoblog section (this section) was created a little over a year after I got my digital camera.  I found that as I took photography more seriously that I lacked a platform to display the results, and the photoblog was the answer.
   Pictured is Juliet, and the image is marked #4.  It is the first image the camera saved as I took the first couple of shots without a memory card.  So this is the first image of the nearly 120,000 pictures I have taken.

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From Pluvius

Platteville, Wisconsin

May 13, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Wow... its really been that long.  An impressive run thus far my friend.  I expect it to continue, what a great first subject.  Our fair Ju Ju :)  Congrats on a decade!

May 12, 2014

Baidu ignoring robots.txt



   Looking at the Ratrap log and I saw has been banning a large set of IP addresses.  Upon looking up the owner of the address I found them to belong to the search engine Baidu.  This is a Chinese language search engine, and it apparently has no respect for robots.txt which has clearly states not to index the Ratrap directory.  Despite this, I have over 100 different IP addresses either blocked or making requests that will result in being blocked.  Looking through my logs I also see that Baidu is also indexing my gallery scripts as well, which it is also not suppose to do.  The image galleries have no text and use random numbers to shuffle image display order.  A search engine could index forever in these scripts, and why I marked them as disallowed in my robots.txt.  I am not the only person who seems to have a problem with Baidu.
   For now I guess I will deal with it.  If you play in the Ratrap, you are treated like a rat.  I am not going to feel bad about banning search engines that don't follow the rules.