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June 29, 2014

The Bumpy Road to Ashbourne

Questioning Beings

Questioning Beings

   When our group last left off, we had just defeated several thieves who during the night were robbing us.  Most were dead, two escaped, and two more were unconscious but alive.  We wanted some answers, and when Marv wants answers he sometimes doesn't ask nicely.  Ellenoria, who isn't generally violent, nursed the wounded back enough to be able to speak.  Having failed a bluff check she couldn't convince the wounded half-elf male that she merely happened upon them.  She did convince the human women warrior.  Ellenoria played good cop while Annalis played bad cop.  Questions were asked and the truth was discovered.
   The male half-elf was named Eniaion Drathan.  He seemed to think himself important asking if we knew who is father was.  Eaniaion was the leader of a band of Snowflake guardians.  There were a little far from home usually guarding the passes of the Dark Peak mountains well to the west.  He believed we had stolen the Dwarfen War bread and was going to take it to the authorities.  Rather than ask us, he took it and ran.  After a little tough questioning he admitted he simply took it. 
   The female human was named Hellena Macon and an honest fighter working under Eniaion.  She said they had been sent east to Feldergast Swamp in order to deal with problems from changing alignments.  There were threats to trade caravans and something was rilling things up.  Something about their black devil god having been woken up.
   Our interrogation was interrupted by the approach of people on horse back.  We decided it best to leave the area.  Marv decided Eniaion should be hog-tied and hung high in a tree and well out of sight.  But there was no time to deal with Hellena so Annalis simply slit her throat.  The group assembled back at our camp site and packed up.  Andall had his hawk fly into the air (the sun was now rising) and direct us to a stream.  We walked in the stream to avoid being followed until we made it to a river.  That evening we camped by the river.  It would have been uncomfortable with all the bugs around, but Sparky (the Kobold who had been hit by electricity and acting tweaked out since) seemed to be part bug-zapper.  He awoke with a pile of bug bodies around him, which he promptly ate.
   Our travels to Ashbourne met with an encounter with some water Elementals.  Rather than fight them off, we tossed them some gold and they went away.  A few feats were required to adventure along the cost but we did make it.
   We were questioned when entering the town, but were let in without issue.  Marv and Ellenoria had a connect in town with a local Inn since they often traveled to Ashbourne from Middleton for supplies.  They met up with Ankus Lightfoot, a halfling who owned the Dragon's Glory Inn.  A jovial conversation brought him up-to-date with the most recent events, including the zombies.  Ankus said he had been hearing about convoys disappearing, and centaurs to the west disrupting trade routs.  Out east by the trollish towns are getting attacked by Slotties and Bullywegs.  Ellenoria asked if Ankus knew of the merchant who had been turned into a zombie as we had items to return to his wife.  He said he would ask around and get back to us.  So we left the inn and decided it was time for the shopping.  It was time to get rid of all the gems and fancy weapons and armor we couldn't use.  With a huge amount of gold it was time for some shopping.
   Wondering around we bumped into the town guard.  They wanted to know if we knew something about some deaths in the woods outside of town involving members of the Snowflake Guardians.  Ellenoria, without missing a beat, said "Yeah.  We killed them."  We went in for questioning with a well dressed but terrifying Ork.  Ellenoria held her course, stating what took place in the woods.  Then explaining our previous expense freeing an ancient Solarian, and before that assisting the Arch Duke.  I explained we were in the town to find the wife of a merchant who had been killed so we could return to her some of his personal belonging, and showed him the letter baring the Arch Duke's name speaking on our behalf.  He seemed convinced we had done nothing wrong.  After consulting his superior we were given some "community service" and a fine. 
   A fully repaired windshield wiper fluid reservoir.  This broke on my car about 2 years ago and has gone through a series of attempted fixes.  There are cracks in the bottom and nothing seemed to be able to patch them.  I tried super glue, epoxy, plumber's putty, foul language—all with similar results.  So I decided to remove the reservoir and figure out what needed to be done.  Removal wasn't easy and required jacking up the car so I could pull the container out.  In addition, I broke the pump motor because the top of the motor came off before the connector.  The replacement was quickly ordered and it was time to do some patch work.
   A couple days ago Xiphos did a plastic weld.  Using a zip tie and a soldering iron he melted plastic into the crack.  This nearly fixed the leak.  I added a generous amount of silicon caulk and let it harden.  After sitting over night full of water it seems I have no leaks.  So I now have functioning windshield wiper sprayers.  It's the little things in life.
   Trip to the park with Desirae, Tiffany, Allison, and Autumn.  Shortly after we arrived it began to rain, and did so for about 20 minutes.  The kids were not detoured and moms and kids alike were drenched.  I stayed under shelter to keep cameras and phones dry.  After the rain we stayed for a while longer before going to get everyone a change of clothing.  Then it was off to an other park.
   Pictured is Desirae and Allison playing in a puddle.

June 22, 2014

Theifs in the Night

   Last time in our campaign the group was outside Citadel, a floating structure that had once been a Solarian military post but had since become a religious structure.  Our tall Solarian friend, Gaius Dermious, had flown into the Citadel to catch up on 2,000 years of history.  He gave us a Rotacinummoc Stone, which allow him to contact us.  Today before we left Gaius told us the Void Creature from holding area #9 had abilities to warp stone.  From the history we knew there were tunnels through stone that had made this a problem and the creature from #9 might have had something to do with it.
   Ellenoria woke up hung over and in a bad mood.  During our travels we encountered a lot of religious travelers, pan handlers, and thrives, and we had to use our skills at getting past these.  That evening Andle fumbled her spot check for 2nd watch, and fell asleep.  Both Annalis and Ellenoria woke up to someone rummaging through our gear.  Already in a bad mood Ellenoria jumped up cursing loudly, and giving everyone a kick to get up as she chased after the thieves.  After running for a bit, Annalis and Ellenoria came across a camp site where the thieves presumably were setup.  Annalis started the battle followed by Ellenoria who promptly fumbled both of her crossbow shots in a row.  This knocked her to the ground and dazed her for 3 rounds although it could have been much worse.
   There were 4 enemies in all, and someone in the camp site tied up.  Our attack started going poorly right from the start.  Marv fumbled one of his first attacks and dropped his war hammer.  Our wizard was matched up against an other magic user.  The tied up person managed to get out of their bondage and started attacking the person in front of them with whips.  Two other elvish creatures attacked Marv and Annalis.  Ellenoria spent most of the battle on the ground singing.
   It was an awful battle with a number of fumbles and failures.  The magic user took off, and kept whatever they had stolen.  The person with whips was knocked unconscious, as well as Andle.  Ellenoria brought Andle back to consciousness before the battle was over.  We killed a couple of the thieves, but had at least two alive.  Marv wanted to tie them up only he wanted to break enough bones in their arms so he could simply use the shattered remains of their limbs as rope such that he could tie them up with their own arms.  It was understood the thieves would not live though this ordeal.
   That was all the time we had for the day.  Searching and questioning will have to wait for next time.