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June 27, 2015

Galena and Yellowstone Lake State Park

   Made a trip to Galena, Illinois with Lisa today, followed by some camping at Yellowstone Lake State Park.  We managed to get the very last camp site at the lake at around 10:00 am, and then headed to Galena. 
   My ride into work today followed the new route I wanted to use, and on my return I also managed to pick up the bike trail and avoid a busy stretch of road.  I think I will use this route from now on. 
   As I left from work I came across these two Sandhill Cranes hanging out on the lawn of one of the businesses I was biking past.  I have always found cranes to be really shy birds and was impressed they let me come as close as I did.
   Took a rather short ride this evening, but captured a spectacular sunset.  I tried to capture bracketed shots in order to try out doing HDR on these images, but the HDR software didn't merge them well at all.  A couple did work, like the one shown.  Most of the remaining shots are not HDR.  A lovely night nonetheless.