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May 19, 2016

Domain name scam

   Got an e-mail sent to the address used to register the domain telling me the domain was about to expire.  I know that isn't true and it was clear this was a scam.  If you read the message carefully it actually says the domain ranking for search engine optimization is going to expire.  I don't have such a thing.  The e-mail came from  This domain is owned by a Chinese company.  The link goes to, also a Chinese domain.  Neither company appears to be related, but both are probably just scammers.
   Since I use a unique e-mail address for each site that needs an e-mail address, I typically receive no SPAM.  However, unless you pay money you cannot unlist your e-mail address from domain registration.  I have changed it 6 times already (I can tell because I just increment the number at the end).  Looks like there will be a 7th.
   I had wanted to ride this afternoon as the temperatures were above 65°F (18°C).  It was sunny most of the day, but the last hour or two of work the clouds rolled in, and I drove home in scattered showers.  The radar was showing a front that was running parallel to Madison. 

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From karthihasini (


May 23, 2016 at 5:27 AM

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The past several days at work I have been developing a user interface using HTML and Javascript. I haven't used such a setup for any professional projects in 10 years, although I do a bit of HTML/Javascipt development for projects on I ran across some new fetchers added in ECMAScript 5/5.1/6—the standard in which Javascript is based. These fetchers are nice additions to the language and I praticularly liked the for/in and for/of loop operations. Sadly, I found fetchers added in ECMAScript 6 are not supported by many mobile browsers yet, and I will have to live without them for this project. Nonetheless I've decided to read up on them for home projects.

I initially wasn't very fond of Javascript, and much of this had to do with the problems of getting scripts to work the same way on multiple browsers. The library jQuery has pretty much taken care of this problem and I use it on just about every Javascript project. With jQuery I've actually started to appreciate Javascript as a language. The use of anonymous function inline as parameters to other functions is perfect for an event driven system, and I prefer this to other systems I've used. But probably the best part of using the language is jQuery which has to be the most clever library I've ever used.

   The coldest Renaissance Faire I've ever attended today.  Temperature was around 45°F (7°C) with a steady breeze and mostly overcast skies.  Lucky for me my custom layers up pretty well.  It's the first time I've wanted to wear my gloves—they are normally tucked in my belt.
   My ride to work was rained out yesterday and bumped to today.  While I only have 85 miles logged over the past 7 days, it was too much to both ride into work and properly roller skate afterward.  I wasn't as dead as when I tried this last week when I had 110 miles over 7 days.  My legs knew what I wanted them to do, they just won't do it as quickly as it needed to be done.