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   Replaced a crappy hard drive controller in the Blue Dragon this afternoon.  The old controller wasn't very good, but what made it the worst was that you could not boot the system with drive plugged into the controller.  The drives had to be disconnected until the OS started to load.  Strange problem, but history now.
   It took a couple weeks, but I have completed sorting the more than 8,000 pictures from the road trip.  After completion it was time to resize them and place them on the web server.  I have a script for this and allowed it to run overnight.  Afterward I had a look at the server.  Of the 128 GB the Sun Dragon has for exclusively for website storage I have 15 GB left.
   While driving through eastern Oregon I saw this light in the distance.  As I got closer I could see it was a fairly large light source, but couldn't quite make out what.  In time I figured out this was a brush fire.  Most of the national parks I visited on my trip warned of extreme fire conditions.  This is the first wild fire I've ever seen.
   Having visited several national parks over the years I've come to expect seeing the remits of forest fire.  Fire is a natural part of the forests but is always interesting to see.  This is Lassen Volcanic National Park.  I'm not sure when this section of park burned, but it had to have been fairly recent.  No growth other than grass is present and it doesn't take long after a fire for new growth to begin.
   Monday, and I really want to play fat kid.  So I jumped on my bike and made pretty quick work out of the 28 mile loop between Martinsville, Springfield Corner, and Waunakee.  Soon I was in front of a lovely plate of chicken tikka masala.  Such eating did I do.
   This is a pile of snow at Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Presumably it is left over from last winter and in early August is still holding out.  Latter in my hike I came back to this snow pile after I emptied my water bottle.  After brushing off the dirt on the top layer of snow I found perfect white winter snow and refilled by bottle.  Frozen mountain water.  I didn't melt enough of it in time to really help me with the remainder of my hike, but I did drink it all on the subsequent drive.
   We had a birthday gathering tonight to celebrate Xiphos' birthday.  Our theme was Blacklights and Bass.  We setup a painting area in the living room using black canvas.  The canvas we've had for sometime.  We've tried various methods for getting it black.  Dying gets it a darker purple, but never black.  So we got out the spray gun and used up the rest of out black paint on a couple just to see how that worked.  That is by far the fastest and easiest method for getting blank black canvas.  After hanging up the canvas, it took minutes to get them fully painted.  About half of that time was spent refilling the sprayer.
   To provide ambiance we fired up the PA and cranked the bass up.  The idea was to have a party you could feel.  While our 18" sub-woofer does a decent job of producing bass, it didn't quite deliver as much power as I had hoped for fueling this party.  One couldn't walk into the basement without holding their ears, but more power is needed to couple to our solid wood house.  Still, it worked pretty well.
   Here I am decorated in glow sticks.  Picture by Rosa.
   Old Windmatic A/S WM14s wind turbines at the Altamont Pass Wind Farm east of San Francisco, California.  When they ran each turbine could produce 65 kilowatts of power.  That is about 5% of the power rating of the turbines just a few miles away from Elmwood Park.  I can't find a date for when these turbines were manufactured and installed, but my guess would be the early 1980s.  Early turbines rotated at much higher RPM than modern turbines, and as a consequence killed a lot of birds.  These turbines have not run in a long time.