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   Elmwood Park celebrates our annual left-overs party.  We had a lot of people come in throughout the night, and prepared and consumed a ridiculous amount of food.  There was a lot of good food to be had but little in the way of left-overs.  Our group consumed an entire turkey.
   Yesterday at work I took a look at the number of hours I had worked for the week to calculate what time I should leave for the day.  I had around 2 and a half hours to work to finish off the week.  I don't like to work less than 3 hours on Friday because when I bike in my cycling clothing needs that much time to dry.  So I decided to stay late and work all the hours last night.  So today I had the day off.  I still got up and biked down to State Street for breakfast.  Afterward I went to a coffee shop and worked on the laptop for awhile.  I've ridden to work everyday except Monday this week, and my legs are letting me know it.  275 miles already this month, which is well above the 109 I did last year in November.  It was good and warm this afternoon, but high winds brought in a cold front and the temperature plummeted as the day went on.
   Unseasonably warm today.  When I set out this morning it was warmer than when I biked home last night.  And when I left in the afternoon it was 64 °F (18 °C).  Mid November and I rode home in shorts.
   Pictured is a view of Lake Wingra as seen from hill on Edgewood Avenue just before sunrise.