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   Did a 27 mile bike ride out to Indian Lake County Park this afternoon.  Seriously strong heading coming from the northwest, and it was a slow trek getting out there.  But on the way back I was hardly peddling and holding speeds of around 20 MPH.  The trees have just started dawning leaves, but the landscape is still pretty empty.  Neat to see it like this.

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From Kyle

Jenison, MI

April 20, 2017 at 5:42 AM

Hello, fellow Gemfire fan!

The additional families in the game appear as the leaders of the original families "die suddenly" or of old age. My friend says this happens if the game is played into much later years (around Year 40, I think, so Entrust would be a must to avoid a slog to get there).

Enjoy spring, and be well!

   Tonight we had another Steampunk Masquerade.  It was a smaller gathering because we are already planning and saving our energy for our next big event at the beginning of next month.  Although Zach is several inches shorter than I am I found I fit into one of his shirts and vest which helped improve my custom.
   I received a call the other day to tell me my fenders had arrived.  So after work I took a very pleasant ride to a bike shop on the east side of the isthmus.  My buddy Matt works at the shop and this being peak season for turning up bikes had no time to install my new fenders.  However, he set me up on a bike stand so I could install them.  With some direction I managed to do something mechanical that didn't end in total failure. 
   After installing my fenders I took a ride to a coffee shop on State Street do sit for awhile with my laptop.  Turns out I sat right through a rain storm and didn't even notice.  When I was leaving the sun was coming back out.  The ground was wet and there were puddles, but now I have fenders and I didn't get sprayed!
   My new floor cleaner arrived today and I gave it a test run in the kitchen.  The picture shows the highest traffic area in the kitchen, half of which has been cleaned and the other half untouched.  I was hoping for a little better, but I am going to try and order some slightly more aggressive scrubbing pads.  Nonetheless, the change is fairly dramatic.